Margarita Rosa de Francisco sent a message to those who believe that from the United States “being a communist is very easy”

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The protagonist of 'Café con aroma de mujer' responded to the criticism that has been leveled against her for sympathizing with the Government of Gustavo Petro

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Margarita Rosa de Francisco sent a message to those who believe that from the United States States “being a communist is very easy”

The former presenter of 'The Challenge' She constantly arouses controversy in her social networks due to her political positions. Photo: Disney Original Productions

Former presenter Margarita Rosa de Francisco is always at the center of controversy due to her political tendencies. The protagonist of the original version of 'Café con aroma de mujer' arouses love and hatred for her left-wing positions and white feminism —exclusive of trans and abolitionist experiences—, which is why social network users often hold her back and insult. Precisely by this means, this Wednesday, November 9, sheHe launched a taunt at those who tell him that he talks about the economy from a position of privilege and comfort: his residence abroad.

It is known by some that the woman from Cali has lived since several years ago in the US city of Miami, in the state of Florida, where a large colony of Latino citizens lives. There he lives together with the Dutch producer and cinematographer Will van der Vlugt, with whom he says he has fallen in love for about 12 years. However, she assures that she is still closely connected to her country of origin. “I live far from Colombia but I have my home, my beloved family and my company there. I pay salaries and taxes there”, she commented on Twitter last June.

Despite explaining that her reasons for living abroad are sentimental, some people criticize that the former queen of beauty take positions on national news without living in the country, because it gives the impression that he does not experience the Colombian reality first hand.

This type of reproach is more frequent when changes occur such as the most recent tax reform, whose resources will be allocated to social programs but apparently would impact large companies and people with generous incomes. To this has been added the recent criticism of personalities such as the model Natalia Paris, who has publicly referred to her as a communist.

Given these comments, Margarita made it clear through a message that she is not immune to the new taxes imposed by the reform approved a week ago. In fact, she suggested that they will have a considerable impact on her finances.

“Yesterday my financial advisor told me: ‘tax reform is going to hurt you’. It is that he has to answer for my things in Colombia, not in the United States. For those who believe that from here “being a communist is very easy,” wrote the television star.

This comment has received various responses from supporters and detractors of the Government of Gustavo Petro, promoter of the reform. Some messages require him to return to the country, since he would be paying taxes in pesos and earning in dollars. Others congratulate his sincerity and willingness to comply with his tax obligations.

“It is rich to be a communist and have the means to work and produce in the USA, rather than living it firsthand, isn't it? ? Ask the Cubans and Venezuelans who risk their lives even swimming to get to Florida if they can do either of these,” said Juanita Cataño, a member of the Cambio Radical party. “Bacano how @Margaritarosadf recognizes that he is part of the small percentage of Colombians with a very good economic situation. And how he has, and can, must contribute a little more to the tax issue of the tax reform of the government that she herself supported, ”wrote Cristian Sánchez, a member of the Green Party.