Marelen Castillo takes legal action against the Anti-Corruption League

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The representative's lawyer filed a challenge against the founding assembly before the National Electoral Council

Marelen Castillo takes legal action against the Anti-Corruption League

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The National Electoral Council (CNE) received a 26-page document with which the lawyers of the representative to the Chamber Marelen Castillo, would take legal action against the party founded by his presidential ticket, Rodolfo Hernández.

of the political party.

That the decisions adopted on July 14 and 15, 2022, in the founding assembly of the political party League of Anti-Corruption Rulers, those on the constitution of the political organization, are contrary to the law , election of directives, the approval of statutes and, finally, the political declaration, in view of the fact that they were adopted in a clandestine meeting to which my client as a member of the formula should have been summoned”, denounces the document.

It must be taken into account that the scandal broke last October when an audio was released where the formula composed by the engineer and the academic They were discussing money. In the conversation, it can be heard that the former mayor of Bucaramanga, who recently resigned from his seat in the Senate, is asking Castillo for money from the presidential campaign.

Who paid your salary?”,the ex-candidate questions him. In response, the academic can be heard saying: “if we were left in the vice presidency we would pay later”.

After the insistence of the former mayor of Bucaramaga, Castillo told him that they could reach a payment agreement. “We can discuss it. We sit down and talk about it, I have no problem”, replied the congresswoman.

It's not talking about it. That does not have to be discussed. I know that you are going to say no and you are going to return it to me (the money) because I put it in”, concluded the founder of the Liga party.

Marelen Castillo takes legal action against the Anti-Corruption League ;n

Marelen Castillo. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

In dialogues for Semana magazine, the congresswomanMarelen Castillo confessed in recent days about the attitudes of former candidate Rodolfo Hernández during the presidential runoff.

The engineer's former vice-presidential formula mentioned that he still does not know what happened in inside the bench at that time within the campaign, as it was touring the country. “I don't know that he passed there, because I in the second round I dedicated myself to working with all Colombians so that they knew about the project we had. I dedicated myself to doing my job judiciously and did not meet with them in Bucaramanga”, she pointed out at first.

I was not close to them. They are decisions that are made, which then have to be evaluated and here are the consequences. It's very sad, but as I tell Colombians, I'm here and I'm staying,” added Castillo.

Former political adviser to the former mayor of Bucaramanga, Óscar Jahír Hernández, in previous days revealed details about the secrets of his campaign to the mentioned newspaper, “he stated that he wanted to win the presidency, but people began to see that he did not want to win. Sometimes I feel deep down that he was scared. If he had wanted to win, he had everything to do it: 15 days to travel around the country, receive the support of Federico Gutiérrez's more than 5 million votes, but he did not receive anyone. He did not want anything. When one sees that, he understands that he did not want to win. He is the only candidate in the country who gets into a pool in a second round, instead of going out to work for his candidacy”.

As stated by the former political adviser, engineer Rodolfo was given bad advice because they told him that he could manage the party individually, and for this reason “Marelen felt that he was part of a political structure, but he was a zero to the left. That blurred Rodolfo a lot as a man and politician”.