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Merchant must support a return of the Nordiques, repeats a CAQ elected official

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The MP for Montmorency Jean-François Simard (archive photo)

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The deputy for Montmorency Jean-François Simard persists and signs: Mayor Marchand does not have the right to turn his back on the project of bringing the Nordiques back to Quebec. According to him, many hockey fans continue to have hope in this matter and Mayor Marchand did not have to compare their expectations to someone who still hopes for the return of his wife 25 years after her departure.< /p>

During a debate on a motion to cancel the contract to cancel the Kings' visit to Quebec, Jean-François Simard questioned Mayor Bruno Marchand on his position towards a potential return of an NHL team.

Questioned about the subsidy for the presence of the Los Angeles Kings next October, Mayor Marchand mentioned that he was not expecting plus the return of an NHL team and that he preferred to look ahead.

Thursday morning, the CAQ deputy added more. I spoke from my heart. This statement from Mayor Marchand really resonated with me in the depths of my gut. I said in a few words that we could not sweep away 25 years of collective work for the return of the Quebec Nordiques in a single sentence.

The minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale, Jonatan Julien, quickly suggested that he did not share Jean-François Simard's position on Bruno Marchand. This is not my point of view, he said on the floor of the National Assembly.

He said what he had to say, replied François Legault regarding the exit of his deputy on Thursday.

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François Legault, Prime Minister of Quebec.

Prime Minister Legault reiterated that he understood the frustration of some regarding the subsidy and that it is a decision that has pros and cons. He adds that the CAQ is united behind the subsidy and that many Quebecers want his government to work on the return of an NHL team to Quebec.

Concerning the mayor's position, the Prime Minister responded that during their first meeting, Bruno Marchand offered him a Nordiques puck. He is able to see that there are many people in Quebec who want to bring back the Nordiques.

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