Marc Márquez's reflection: “Morally it is not one of the best moments”

Marc Márquez's reflection: “Morally it is not one of the best moments”

The Spanish rider analyzes his injury and his absence from the World Cup: “Now it's time for patience and respecting the body.”

Marc Márquez's reflection:

The Spanish rider Marc Márquez (Repsol Honda) has recognized that ” morally it is not one of the best moments “, due to the injury that will keep him out for several months, and that it is “strange” to see the races on television for the first time in his career, adding that “with the lost season it is better to recover well and come back when the body asks for it .”

“Morally it is not one of the best moments, you like to be on the track and when you see everything from home. It becomes strange and even more so after spending more than seven years in MotoGP without missing a single race. Now it's time for patience, respecting the body” , Márquez valued in statements to DAZN.

Reviewing his two operations on his right arm, he recalled that he always followed “the recommendations of the doctors.” “They gave me the peace of mind that I could get on the bike and lead a normal life, nor did they themselves expect the plate to give way. I continued to trust Dr. Mir and his team because a mistake can be made by anyone. They themselves made me the second one. operation and now they are much more prudent. Long recovery time , but with the lost season it is better to recover well and return when the body asks for it, “he resigned.

In this sense, the current MotoGP champion stressed that ” a bone takes between six and eight weeks to weld .” “Jerez was four days away (after his first operation), but Brno was two weeks away and Austria was three. The bone was still just as fragile, the plaque held it. In the past, everyone can analyze the situation. Dr. Mir and his team have done thousands of operations on me, all have gone well but there is always one that goes wrong when you risk, “he lamented.

As for how he is seeing the championship, Márquez stressed that “everyone fails” and that “there have been many injuries and falls” in addition to his own. ” It is rare and difficult to analyze. Dovizioso is the one that is making the least noise and without making noise is second in the championship,” said the Italian, acknowledging that he was surprised by the announcement that he will leave Ducati at the end of the course.

“I was surprised, especially when he is going fast with a bike that suits his style and that he makes the most of, as he has shown these last three years. Surely something escapes us, we do not know exactly what happened . I respect his decision, he has been a great rival and I hope he will be in the future, “he wished.

In addition, Márquez spoke of his brother Álex , of whom he said “he is learning, but this does not mean that he has to take a little step forward.” “He is aware,” she stated, before revealing the most curious message you've heard since his accident. “I met a woman in Cervera who told me: 'Boy, you compete in a risky sport and in that there is a year that you mess around,'” he said with a laugh.

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