Marbelle revealed why she did not leave Colombia

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The singer was one of the guests on a renowned program in which she said that she had everything ready abroad to start a new life

Marbelle revealed why she did not leave Colombia

Marbelle told the reasons why she preferred not to leave Colombia and stay working. Taken from Instagram

Marbellegenerated a whole discussion on social networks after his opinions were known about what would happen to his life in Colombia, after the triumph of Gustavo Petro as president. Additionally, the attacks he has caused against the vice president, Francia Márquez, whom he repeatedly called “King Kong”, unleashing a series of racist attacks.

His arrival at Caracol to the reality musical The DownloadIt has also generated a whole wave of criticism against the singer, even the program's followers made a request for Marbelle to leave the program, as she is considered a persona non grata by some.

Marbelle revealed why she didn't left Colombia

Señores Caracol Televisión, taking Marbelle to participate in your programs is the best way to lose the tune, a real shot in the foot. And we're going to prove it to you!”, pointed out the netizen. For this reason, the singer was quick to react and replied to her detractor's trill with a single “I hit myself!!”.

A few days after After Gustavo Petro completes his first 100 years of government in the Casa de Nariño, the singer was invited to the program The Suso's Show and there she opened her heart to confess the reason why she decided not to leave the country as he had promised his followers.

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Here in Colombia He suffers a lot… A little bit of what you have seen in the commercial is what happened. I was in an airport in another country when they called me to participate in The Download”, indicated the queen of the technolane to the comedian, as he stated that he had everything ready to start a new life in another country.

Marbelle revealed why she didn't leave Colombia

Marbelle opened her heart with Suso el paspi, and revealed the real reasons why he preferred not to leave the country. Taken from Twitter @susoelpaspi

Additionally, the one born in Buenaventura took advantage of her conversation with Suso el paspi to ask his followers to watch the program, since he wants everything to go well with this new bet by Canal Caracol, something that caught his attention so much that he stayed.

This is how they justify the collection of signatures for his departure from 'La Descargar'

Citizens created a petition on the page entitled: “That Marbelle is not in La Descargar de Caracol Television for his racist comments”. The document, which has received the support of thousands of people, recalls what happened between the singer and the country's current vice president, Francia Márquez, whom she referred to as 'King Kong'.

By his example he taught his followers to make fun of our Vice President for her ethnicity. We reject that such a person can enter the homes of Colombians through the television screen and we call on the president of Caracol Television to prevent the program “La Descargar” from counting on his participation ”, reads the document in which the points for which Marbelle should leave the program are argued.

For now, it is unknown how the process progresses with the that viewers seek to remove from the programming of Canal Caracol the image of the queen of the tecnocarrilera due to the racist attacks she made at the time and the constant pronouncements she makes against President Gustavo Petro.