Marbelle responded bluntly to an intimate question about an area of ​​her body: “It hurts so much”

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The technocarrilera singer has been harshly questioned for her appearance in 'La Descarga', taking into account her political position and the attacks she has launched on social media social

Marbelle responded forcefully to an intimate question about an area of ​​her body : “Even if it hurts”

Marbelle replied that her buttocks are natural, despite comments that this is not true. Taken from Instagram

Recently, Marbelle was one of the guests on the program The Suso's Show in which she was together with her colleagues who accompany her as judges in the reality show that brought together the best voices from La Voz, La Voz Kids, On another level and My name is. During this visit, she was asked several questions, but one of them had to do with the area of ​​the body that most attracted the attention of the queen of the technorail.

< p class="paragraph">For this reason, in one part of your answer you argued that: “Even if it hurts, it's natural”. But it is worth remembering the question that Suso was asked to ask the artist, who has generated so much controversy on social networks due to her political position and the constant attacks against Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez.

The question asked by the presenter was: “Marbelle, did you have a buttock lift or was your first payment 2,000 pesos”, the answer had to be delivered by his companions. The first to react was Santiago Cruz, who in the company of Maía affirmed that the singer's first payment was two thousand pesos. Meanwhile, laughing, Gusi leaned towards the idea that his buttocks had surgery.

Immediately, in view of this reaction from vallenato, he interpreted it de Collar de perlas laughed and said: “It can't be! Even if it hurts, it's natural.They have always thought that I injected my buttocks, that I have prostheses, but I want to tell you that they are natural, blessed God. Even if it is the only natural thing you have, they are natural”.

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Then, the publication in which Marbelle responded that her buttocks are natural :

The queen of the technocarrilera was present at the Suso Show clarifying some doubts

Strong response for her arrival at 'La Descarga'

It was Graciela Torres Sandoval ('La Negra Candela') who, through a video posted on Instagram , revealed that the woman born in Buenaventura would be back on the 'small screen' to be part of the jury of a musical reality show on Caracol, in which Santiago Cruz will also be present. and Gusi.

“Didn't she say that she was going to stay in Mexico? Well, it seems that she was only on vacation or that things there simply did not work out as she wanted, since we found out from a very good source that Marbelle has just signed a contract with Caracol Televisión to be a qualifying jury for a new reality show that, until now, will be called 'La revancha'”, he explained.

When the promotion of the program became known, social networks immediately reacted to the presence of the artist in this project, for which reason a user did not hesitate to criticize the fact that Marbelle is part of the ranks of Caracol as it happened in the past with RCN. One of the strongest comments came from a user who assured that they will lose tune:

Marbelle responded bluntly to an intimate question about an area of ​​her body: “That's how it hurts. it hurts & rdquo ;

Marbelle responded to the criticism she received from her for her participation in a Canal Caracol program. Taken from Twitter @Marbelle30

Gentlemen Caracol Television, taking Marbelle to participate in your programs is the best way to lose tune, a real shot in the foot And we are going to prove it to them!”, pointed out the Internet user. For this reason, the singer was quick to react and replied to the trill of her detractor with a simple “Me pego !!” .