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ju tD Maradona case: the Morla bombs - The Times Hub

Maradona case: the Morla bombs

    Maradona case: the Morla bombs

    Matías Morla, Diego Maradona’s last lawyer, spoke again. He gave his first interview since the death of the Ten, which occurred on November 25. “The devil is not that bad, so they want to pretend I’m the devil. I am the bad guy for a sector of the heirs, for Justice, no, “he said.

    Morla gave his theory on Diego’s death. “If Maradona from the age of 15 did what he wanted, What killed him? Rocío Oliva, the quarantine, the medical board under study. The situation of being in love with a woman who did not return him, “he said in reference to the last girlfriend of the 10th.

    And it was very hard against Dalma, Gianinna and Claudia: “Dalma and Gianinna are lacerated by class hatred. (Claudia) Villafañe took the body, he never had Diego “, was one of his harshest sentences. And he went further: “Maradona knew that the thieves are them, not me,” began Morla, who was very hard on the daughters of 10. Another moment of the interview pointed hard against Rocío Oliva: “He gave Rocío properties, cars . He loved Rocío, he was fought to the death with Dalma and Gianinna, he felt robbed, betrayedWith Verónica he had the link with his son (Diego Fernando) “.

    “Everything I went through was very sad; when Diego dies, my other half dies. Now that a while has passed, the voices that spoke of a homicide are being discredited. Instead of social condemnation, it is a social chain. Gathering a thousand people has nothing to do with social history, “he said about the march on the Obelisk.

    In that sense, Morla said that he suffered from the accusations he received after Diego’s death. “I went to look for my children at school and they would take pictures of me. Breakfast in the same corner every day. I do the same activity as always. With Maradona we help people. Brave bars do not follow me, like those that went to the Plaza, brave bars and payments. Do you know why they went to the Plaza? Because Maradona was billing. Maradona died, he can’t make more money now. What makes money now? The Maradona brand, “he told TV Nostra, a program hosted by Jorge Rial.

    The main phrases:

    Anger against the family: “Are we going to do what we want or what Diego said? It was legally registered in my name, declared before the authorities. The sisters are going to live on it. From the image, Diego arranged that I am entitled to sign the image whenever Give 50% to the heirs. Daughters can make contracts with Maradona’s image. I have to give half to them. The only way is for them to prove it was a null act. Maradona signed this at the Dubai Court, in 2015. Maradona insane? Twice in the final with Dorados, once in the final with Fujaira, broadcasts with Telesur. It’s ridiculous: when he gave Dalma a million dollars, he was not drunk; when he gave Gianinna first-class tickets, he wasn’t drunk; when he bought from Rocío Oliva, he was drunk. It’s hilarious, it’s ridiculous. I realized that it was wrong and Maradona was abandoned, he died alone. “

    The Maradona brand: “There is something very clear: Maradona was billing. Maradona died. He can’t make more money. What makes money now? The Maradona brand. And while in Europe they ask me for the Maradona brand and I tell them no, they do a march in the The people who closed the door at four o’clock in the afternoon and did not let him see Maradona, now they use it to make him go to the square.

    The investigation: “Make a medical board with the best professionals in the Nation, I did not place an expert because they are the best. March of what. If you tell me that there are a lot of legal issues paralyzed. The march is for the Maradona brand. There is something that I will not forgive. They didn’t let me fire Diego and I don’t care because he told me he loved me. That was Diego with me, it was love. “

    The march on the Obelisk: “The Plaza was an escrache for the Sattvica brand. I put the Maradona brand in my name by order of Diego. When you install a brand, there is a deadline for someone to oppose it. And nobody objected,” he said in defense of his property.

    The sticks to Claudia: “Villafañe in the year 2000 registered the Maradona brand. She is outraged, she does not have it. The relationship I have in years of work. Diego Armando Maradona has Dalma and Gianinna. Now I explain something more violent. You have the brand, not alone It works. Do you know whose it is? Of the heirs. “

    His disappointment with Rocío Oliva: The first big problem of your life, Rocío left him. He could never get over it. Out of ten words, eleven were Rocío. Was dead. In Rome he sent Rocío Oliva to buy a flat and Rocío said no because she lived in Buenos Aires. I don’t love Rocío, she doesn’t talk to me. But I’m not going to lie about anything, I didn’t get along. I didn’t like it, I don’t like it. But I am telling the truth. Everything he has, Diego gave him as a gift. As departments to the sisters, Dalma and Gianinna (…) Today I reproach myself for not having done something because Rocío came to the wake, Diego loved her “.

    What is reproached: “The only thing left to anger me is to push harder to fulfill the last wish: to see all her children together, that was her great pain. When she went to Europe, Gianinna was hiding in the room, because Jana and Diego Jr. were there. Diego would call me and tell me my children don’t want to see me. They are lacerated by class hatred. They would not sit together with Dana and Junior, if they do it is because of this issue. “In addition, she said:” I spent seven Christmases and New Years with Diego and he looked at the phone and no one called him. “

    More against Claudia and the babes: “I have nothing personal with my enemies. The girls don’t love me since we revoked their credit cards in 2014. They fought because they robbed him. He is found out by an English company doing an audit. Claudia is accused of tax evasion, the case in Miami, which did not return anything; cause for fraud. “In addition:” Diego was outraged because Dalma called his daughter Rome and he was from Naples. They do not have the relationship of years of work. ”

    Jana y Diego JR: “I don’t understand Jana what happened to me. I told her: ‘Jana, your sisters are cheating on you.’ Diego Junior suffered, it cost him recognition, he had many doubts about paternity, even Diego had doubts. He said: ‘I know that your mother was with my brothers … ‘. That is why I know that with the messages that there are doubts about fatherhood. I do not understand why Diego Jr attacks me. He called me to buy a Mercedes Benz, a house … . “.

    The adictions: Diego knew that he was responsible, he never criticized a couple next door. Diego in Fujaira, birthday, I tell him not to go. Lose the final: drinking alcohol all day. Diego in the alcohol saw the black, dark part. In Argentina it was the family fight, he sent audio messages, Dona Tota. ”

    This is how Luque arrived: “We were in Dubai, Diego grabs, I look for the best gastric specialist, and he appears in London. Diego said no, ‘I have surgery in Colombia with a doctor from Venezuela.’ When we went to the clinic I couldn’t believe I was in that That was Maradona. When he came back from that trip to Venezuela he had a reflux, he grabbed something when he ate. They start looking for doctors. Luque goes out of all that litter, he goes with the son they are cool, they start a relationship. to Luque? Because I have codes. “

    The cause for fraud: “I have an audio in which I tell Verónica Ojeda that I am not interested in money, I already had economic stability. Our thing with Diego was parallel. I was a partner, we shared the account in Monaco. I charged him a percentage and the We both grew up. What happens is that I did not give houses to Rocío Oliva. Who says I kept money? The two people who were denounced by Diego for robbery. “


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