Maradona, 36 years after the 'Hand of God': How was the name born and all the versions of its origin?

Maradona, 36 years after the 'Hand of God': How was the name born and all the versions of its origin?

On the afternoon of June 22, 1986, at the Azteca stadium, Diego Maradona immortalized his legend with two iconic goals. One of them, the first, was the 'Hand of God'. But who gave it that name? Is it true that Diego himself did not do it? Below we tell you the story behind the goal.

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Maradona, 36 years after the ‘Hand of God’: How the name and all the versions were born what about its origin? /></p><p>36 years have passed since Diego Maradona scored two goals against England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.</p><p itemprop=“The ball goes to Maradona. Maradona can play for Enrique. Always Maradona. He dribbles, he goes, he goes between three. Always Diego. Great, great, great!”, relates Víctor Hugo Morales while the heroic move from the left foot of the ‘10′ moving in the direction of the opposite goal, drawing a diagonal from the left to the middle. With the experience and unique sense to read a game like no one else, the legendary Uruguayan journalist sensed, seconds before, that Diego Armando MaradonaHe was about to immortalize that June 22, 1986 -exactly 36 years ago- a goal that would make him the most loved “villain” by all.

“The goal was with the hand. I shout it from the bottom of my heart, but I have to tell you what I think. I only hope that they tell me from Buenos Aires, if they are watching the game on television right now, if Maradona's goal was valid, although the referee saw it. Argentina is winning 1-0 and may God forgive me for what I am going to say: against England, today, even so, with a handball goal . What do you want me to tell you?”.

Maradona, 36 years after the ‘Hand of God’: How the name was born And all the versions of its origin? /></p><p itemprop=Four minutes later, with the English already without any claim, Diego Armando scored the “Goal of the Century”. A work of art that took him out of “cheaters' hell” to place him in paradise. It was 'D10s', even for the same players who moments before were desperately asking Tunisian referee Ali Ben Nasser to disallow the “goal with the hand”.

“He cheated. He is a cheat, I will never respect him as an athlete”, Peter Shilton, the English goalkeeper from whom Maradona took the ball with his hand, said as many times as he could… the “Hand of God”. “I didn't see the goal with my hand, it was far from the play. But the second was the most wonderful goal I've ever seen. You really wanted to applaud him,” confessed Gary Lineker, one of the greatest goalscorers who was born in England. “I will never forgive him. That goal with the hand was something rare. Then, In the anti-doping control I ran into him and I made signs to him if he had converted it with my hand and he made me a yes gesture. Better that he recognize it because if not, he would have killed him , said Terry Butcher. Opinions were divided.

The match ended 2-1 in favor. Even in soccer, Argentina had taken revenge for the Malvinas War with Diego Armando Maradonalike hero. But the doubt about whether he went with his head or with his hand was left in the air at that moment. Or rather, everyone was waiting for the word of the '10'.

And he confessed it…. But not after the game.

There is no visual record of the impromptu press conference in the Azteca tunnel, but what they say is far from what Maradona says in his authorized autobiography “Yo soy el Diego”. “Sometimes I feel like I liked the one with the hand better, the first one. Now I can tell what at that time I couldn't, what at that time I defined as 'The hand of God'… What a hand of God, it was the hand of Diego! And it was like stealing the wallet from the English, too”, reads on page 137 of the book written by Daniel Arcuchi and Enersto Cherquis Bialo.

“The asshole Checho tells me: 'but you did it with your hand'.‘Shut your mouth idiot and hug me, shut your mouth and hug me!’. And then everyone started hugging me. Valdano tells me: 'don't tell me that he went with his hand, you have to tell me'. And I say, 'later I'll tell you Valdano, stop bloating your balls!'”, Diego himself said about the moment.

Maradona, 36 years after the ‘Hand of God’: How the name was born and all the versions what about its origin? /></p><p>For many, Diego Armando Maradona was the best footballer of all time. His great deeds have always been interesting to the world. If you are a fan of the sports idol, we recommend this preview for the series of the Argentine star.</p><h2 class=How was the name of the goal born?

With that innate creativity to draw memorable plays with his feet and launch historical phrases with the mouth, Diego Armando Maradonaimmortalized his goal as the 'Hand of God'. But, was it really from the mouth of “Fluff” himself that the name came out? The Argentine journalist and writer, Andrés Burgo, author of the book “El Partido”, where he tells the story of that Argentina 2 – England 1, told in an interview for El Comercio the following:

“Nobody is clear. Maradona says that the phrase is his, but there is no record of it, it only appeared in a box in a newspaper the next day. One of the witnesses remembers that, at the end of the game, Diego is asked about the goal with his hand and he says that he did it with his head, that it was the goalkeeper; he gives a series of excuses so that he does not make a mess. And an Argentine journalist from the ANSA agency, Héctor Ferrero, tells him: 'Come on, Diego, it was clear that he went with his hand.' 'No, he went with his head,' Diego replies. The journalist insists: 'It must have been the hand of God' and Maradona replies: 'It must have been'. I have no idea what the truth is , but these are the versions”.

Maradona, 36 years after the ‘Hand of God’: How the name was born and all the versions what about its origin? /></p><p>The hand of God. This is how the historic goal scored by Argentine footballer Diego Maradona in the match between Argentina and England for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico is known. (Wikimedia)</p><p itemprop=According to a report in the Argentine newspaper “La Nación”, it is explained that in the editions of the newspapers the following day this statement by Maradona is not included, therefore, it is doubted that he really said it. “Only Chronicle he publishes it, and he does it in a very small box, on the back cover of the sports supplement. However, if that phrase became famous, it was because of the Mexican newspapers”.

It took 19 years for August 2005Diego Maradona publicly acknowledged that, in effect, the goal was scored with his hand, although from the photos and videos, it had been known since that June 22, 1986.

The goal that “was like stealing the wallet from the English” turns 36. He has inspired books, songs have been written. He has deserved a thousand comparisons and thousands of others have wanted to repeat it, but The Hand of God is Diego Maradona's goal.

Maradona, 36 years after the ‘Hand of God’: How was the name born and all the versions of its origin?

Maradona, 36 years after the ‘Hand of God’: How the name and all the versions were born what about its origin? /></p><p>November 10, 2001 was a historic day for many Boca Juniors fans and Argentines in general, because that was when soccer star Diego Armando Maradona said goodbye to the fields in a tribute match in front of 60,000 spectators and with collaboration of several soccer stars. The 'Pelusa' thanked the fans for all the love received in his long career and immortalized his iconic phrase at the time of saying goodbye, “The ball does not stain.” (Source: TV Peru)</p><h2 class=YOU MAY BE INTERESTED