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MAPPA: McDonald's teases a collaboration with this cult anime

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

All the details are not yet known, but McDonald's has just teased a partnership strong> ultra promising with a cult anime from the MAPPA studio. And it will take shape very soon.

MAPPA: McDonald's teases a collaboration with this cult anime

mcdonald's and collaborations

The most popular fast-food chain, McDonald's attracts both consumers and advertisers interested in collaborations that give visibility.And sometimes, the partnerships are big. A month ago, the brand joined forces with Studio Ghibli – just that! – to launch new burgers. It was in particular Kiki the little witch who had been upgrade honor, to through several very well-produced advertising spots.

< p>Generally speaking, McDonald's is increasing collaborations with animation studios to highlight menus inspired by popular anime. A few months ago, McDonald's even had the right to its own anime, as part of a partnership with Studio Pierrot. This time, it is Jujutsu Kaisen which will be placed in the on the front of the stage,as revealed by the teaser of this new partnership from the fast-food chain.

MAPPA: McDonald's teases a collaboration with this cult anime

jujutsu kaisen at the heart of a new partnership

A few hours ago, the official McDonald's X account changed. their profile and cover photo. We now find a blue flame there which clearly reminds us of occult energy, the source of the exorcists' power inJujutsu Kaisen. If the message wasn't clear enough, McDonald's also states in its bio “hi, welcome to my melovent kitchen”an obvious reference to Sakuna's “Malevolent Shrine” in the manga/anime.

McDonald’s x Jujutsu Kaisen collab dropping 07/09

My body is ready< /p>July 1, 2024

Clues teasing a collaboration between McDonald's and Jujutsu Kaisendon't stop there. Across the Atlantic, the McDonald's application on iOS offers users the ability to“find the source of inner energy”, by“moving [their] TV” phone to explore the domain and reveal its secrets”. The term “domain”, in English, does this. still clearly a reference to the Sanctuary of Sakuna.Not yet convinced? On its app, McDonald's also teases that “something specialz is coming on July 9”. And yes, the “Z” the end of the word “special” is voluntary: it is a question of yet another reference toJJKThe music from the opening of season 2 of the anime, by King Gnu, is was in fact titled… SPECIALZ, with this same “Z” at the top. the end of the word. Çmade a lot of coincidences, right? Response within a week!

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