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Maple syrup production down 40% ;%

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Maple syrup production fell by more than 40% in the province in 2023 , compared to the previous year. (Archive photo)

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Sugar time begins x27;results in a significant drop in production in 2023 for maple producers in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

A decrease of 40% was recorded compared to last year, according to the president of the Producteurs et produceres acéricoles du Bas-Saint-Laurent–Gaspésie, Justin Plourde.

The early departure of the maple water flows at the beginning of March 2023 surprised some maple syrup producers, who were not ready for the harvest. Production then stagnated due to unfavorable weather conditions.

People did a little more than half of their normal production, lamented Mr. Plourde in an interview on the showInfo-réveil.

This situation leads to a significant drop in income for maple syrup producers. The co-owner of the Coulée Creuse maple grove in Saint-Athanase, Sylvain Patry, says he has lost more than a million in gross revenue this year, a drop of 37% compared to normal.

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These Losses will not be covered by crop insurance, since he does not wish to use it in order not to increase his insurance premiums.

What's more, according to Justin Plourde, approximately 35% of the region's maple groves do not take out harvest insurance.

Those who had chosen to take out crop insurance, this allows them to bridge towards a next season which we hope will be more beneficial, but it is a very difficult year.

A quote from Justin Plourde, president of the Producteurs et produceres acéricoles du Bas-Saint-Laurent

What's more, producers must repay the loan in January #x27;emergency which had been granted to them by the government during the pandemic. A deadline which adds to the stress of the bad 2023 season.

There are companies that are not able to repay that and who will have to take out another loan with fairly high interest, says Justin Plourde.

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Maple syrup production is down in Bas-Saint-Laurent compared to 2022. (Archive photo)

Le Bas-Saint -Laurent is one of the regions with the largest number of maple syrup producers in the province, behind Chaudière-Appalaches, Estrie and Centre-du-Québec.

However, the drop in the quantities of maple syrup produced was noted throughout the province. The contrast is all the greater given that the 2022 season was exceptional for maple producers.

While the demand for maple products Since maple has seen a significant increase in recent years, maple producers may no longer be able to meet demand if another difficult year occurs.

Our reserve is practically dry, says Justin Plourde.

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The Quebec maple syrup producers hope that the 2024 season will make it possible to catch up with the production that could not be done in 2023. Last May, 7 million additional taps were granted to Quebec in order to ;increase the production of existing maple syrup companies and allow new maple producers to enter the industry.

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