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Dust syrup ;maple now produced in the fall in Estrie

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A Dunham producer bottled syrup in full month of December.


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The warm spells of December allowed a Dunham maple producer to produce a good quantity of maple syrup from the end of fall.

Julien Du Pasquier is one of the rare producers who cuts so early. It has now been 5 years since the sugar season began in November or December, when the mercury rises above zero.

This year, the season is particularly conducive to early wrapping, according to him.

< p class="Text-sc-2357a233-1 imohSo">We produced 152 gallons with just under 3000 taps in 96 hours. For my last five years, this is a record. The sugar was there.

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It was by talking with producers in the Maritimes and observing trends in the United States that the Dunham maple producer launched into the production of fall maple syrup and winter.

Tests which proved conclusive led him to review his ways of doing things.

Julien Du Pasquier notes that there are advantages to tapping so early, at a time when the climate is unpredictable.

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Julien Du Pasquier intends to produce maple syrup throughout the holiday break in Dunham.

Every year we have surprises, snowstorms, short, long, cold springs, he illustrates. These changing conditions all impact the taste and quality of the final product and often bring a fair amount of stress to the producer.

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Personally, I find it dangerous to bet on a harvest for a few weeks in March-April.

A quote from Julien Du Pasquier, maple syrup producer

According to him, the absence of snow cover in the fall also facilitates work in the field.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">In winter sometimes, snow covers all the pipes, while there, all the work is done, it's turnkey. It’s a maple grove that is productive, he explains.

The professor holding the Industrial Research Chair in Maple Technologies, Jean-Michel Lavoie, does not believe that the production of autumn syrup will become the norm. Studies show that tapping in the fall can affect the productivity of the tree, he says.

It's not dangerous for the tree itself to my knowledge, but at the production level, we do the < em>dealthat if we take a little bit maybe the season after that tree will be a little less productive, he argues.

It's a gamble to take and it will be up to every maple producer to say: " Is the game worth it? "

A quote from Jean-Michel Lavoie, professor of the Industrial Research Chair in Maple Technologies

In the maple syrup industry, each producer has their preferences and habits.

With its autumn syrup, Julien du Pasquier is betting on standing out on the market. In Quebec there are around 10,000 maple syrup producers. No matter which region you are in, Beauce, Montérégie, Témiscouata, everyone makes the best maple syrup. By making my maple syrup in the fall, I can say that I make the best fall syrup, he says.

This year, he hopes his maple trees will flow on December 25, which would allow him to produce Christmas syrup.

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