Many Ukrainians in the Czech Republic live below the poverty line

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Many Ukrainians in the Czech Republic live below the poverty line

Two out of three economically active refugees from Ukraine live in the Czech Republic  below the poverty line.

As Novinky writes, families with children are at risk.

According to a survey by the Czech agency PAQ, 68% of refugees live below the poverty line. 67% of Ukrainians who can work have found work in the Czech Republic, although more than half of them work in less qualified jobs, and more than 40% even work far below their qualifications, which does not allow them to fully realize their labor potential.

< p>«Unskilled work creates a number of difficulties. Two thirds of refugees earn only up to 150 kroner net per hour. A quarter is forced to work several jobs to feed themselves,'' the survey says.

It is also noted that a third of respondents work without social security, health insurance and vacations.

71% of Ukrainians refugees say lack of knowledge of the Czech language is the biggest obstacle to getting a job. Another problem is the inability to take care of children (29%) or problems with recognition of their Ukrainian diploma (28%).

About half of refugees (49%) live in rented housing. This is due to changes in the law, according to which only vulnerable people, ie children, the elderly or people who care for them   Prepared by: Nina Petrovych