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“Many surprises ahead”: The kid called the main purpose of the advanced drones “Sea Baby”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

"Many surprises ahead": The kid called the main purpose of advanced drones

The Security Service of Ukraine continues to improve military equipment, and this time the Sea Baby drones have been improved. They are equipped with rocket launcher systems.

SBU Head Vasyl Malyuk said this while speaking at the summit of the UNITED24 fundraising platform. According to him, the use of such surface naval combat drones – a new milestone in the history of naval battles.

He emphasized that the SBU first used the Sea Baby drone, equipped with the Grad rocket launcher systems, in December 2023. Later, these drones began to be used by other state units, in particular, the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR).

“Today we have a lot of trophies. In particular, 

According to him, with the help of drones equipped with anti-aircraft missiles, the special service can significantly increase the list of potential targets at sea.

Vasyl Malyuk calls the Crimean bridge one of the priority targets After all, he has already been hit by the SBU twice, including with the help of “Sea Baby” sea drones.

“There are many, many surprises ahead. Believe me, the SBU and all the Defense Forces will not let you down,” Vasyl Malyuk emphasized.

Please note, “Sea Baby” is a multi-purpose surface drone on which the special service places additional weapons to perform various Among other things, the drone effectively carries out remote mining, and according to the head of the SBU, 4 enemy ships have already been hit in this way.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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