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Manitoban arrested ; in connection with a homicide that occurred in 2007 | Serial murders of indigenous women

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Crystal Saunders was 24 years old at the time of her death.

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A Winnipeg man has been arrested in British Columbia in connection with the murder of Crystal Saunders, who was murdered in 2007, announced the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on Monday.

Kevin Queau, aged 42, is charged with the second degree murder of the Métis woman who was 24 at the time of the incident.

Manitoba RCMP Major Crime Section Officer-in-Charge Rob Lasson says this is a breakthrough within the an investigation awaiting resolution for 17 years.

Crystal's loved ones and her community have had no answers for a very long time. Even though a lot of time has passed, I am happy that we can now provide answers, he said at a press conference on Monday.

Serial Murders of Indigenous Women

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Serial murders of indigenous women< /h3>

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I must emphasize that this was a complex and very long-term investigation, he added.

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Rob Lasson, officer in charge of the Manitoba RCMP Major Crime Section, at the RCMP press conference, Monday.

Police say Crystal Saunders was last seen alive on April 18, 2007, in Winnipeg. His body was found the next day in a ditch near Saint-Ambroise, northwest of Winnipeg.

DNA may have been taken from the body, but the genetic profile was insufficient at that time to be added to the National DNA Data Bank.

Technology in 2007 wasn't advanced enough to enter the DNA we had into the computer and the National DNA Data Bank, says RCMP Major Crimes Section operations officer from Manitoba, Tim Arseneault.

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The body of Crystal Saunders was found in a ditch near Saint-Ambroise on April 19, 2007.

In 2012, the investigation was supported by the Project Devote team, made up of RCMP officers, civilian forensic analysts and Winnipeg police officers. In 2014, the collected DNA was added to the National Genetic Data Bank.

The discovery of a genetic match then made it possible to identify Kevin Queau, previously convicted of other misdeeds, as Rob Lasson explains.

The accused remains in detention and will be brought to Winnipeg in the coming days, specifies the RCMP.

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Kevin Queau was arrested by the RCMP in British Columbia last Saturday.

For the moment, police specify that there is no indication whether Kevin Queau could be involved in other homicides, but authorities will study possible links with other unresolved investigations.

Given his track record, we can't rule out that possibility, says Rob Lasson.

Furthermore, as accused resided in British Columbia and worked in other provinces, the Manitoba RCMP will remain in contact with other divisions and police services across Canada.

The RCMP is asking anyone with information to contact their crime line at 1-888-673-3316.

For immediate psychological help, call 1-844-413-6649. It is a toll-free national emergency line, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing support to anyone in need of help. psychological help related to missing or murdered indigenous women and girls.

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