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Hydro -Manitoba will have to increase its energy production by 2030, according to its CEO

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Jay Grewal is the President and CEO of Manitoba Hydro.


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In order to avoid a shortage of electricity In the coming years, Manitoba Hydro will have to invest in new methods of energy production, says the president and CEO of the Crown corporation, Jay Grewal.

People have the impression that we have lots and lots of excess electricity. I'm sorry to say that's not the case, the CEO said at an event hosted by the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.

We may need new sources of electricity production by 2029 or 2030, she said.

During question period, Grewal told reporters she expected Manitoba Hydro to decide between now and next years what projects will be implemented.

The reason we're not making decisions yet is because there are so many levers that can be pulled to shape the energy landscape, she said. To what extent will policymakers support the choice of these levers?

Tuesday's event marked the first time that a policymaker 'Manitoba Hydro publicly stated when the Crown corporation will run out of energy if no new infrastructure is created.

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According to the CEO, to move forward, Manitoba Hydro will have to enter into agreements with private electricity producers in the province.

When we go to the market, we will choose wind power, Grewal said. This is [the mode of production] at the lowest possible cost, and we can optimize this type of energy with our system.

With all these investments, what is certain is that the cost of electricity will increase.

A quote from Jay Grewal, President and CEO of Manitoba Hydro

Ms. Grewal, however, assured that Manitoba Hydro would remain one of the lowest-cost electricity providers in North America.

In addition, she said that the state-owned company would not have to follow in the footsteps of producers in provinces where fossil fuel-based electricity production systems must be replaced.< /p>

We are in a very enviable position.

Last September, the Public Utilities Board authorized a 1% increase in the cost of electricity. A second 1% increase is expected to take effect next April.

Future cost increases would exceed the approved 1%, according to Grewal. by the Régie.

Last November, Finance Minister Adrien Sala indicated that the freeze on electricity rates promised by the NDP during the election campaign could be postponed, since Manitoba Hydro planned to absorb losses under the ' current fiscal year.

Jay Grewal indicated that in order to face the future, Manitoba Hydro will also need to increase its workforce. p>

The state-owned company has 1,000 fewer full-time employees than in 2017, as the CEO clarified. This has an impact on the services we offer.

She says that at present only 70% of planned maintenance work are being carried out, which is unacceptable, given the age of much of Manitoba Hydro's infrastructure.

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