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Mandryk: Little solace in Sask.’s constant COVID-19 numbers

Mandryk: Little solace in Sask.’s constant COVID-19 numbers

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Numbers like Sunday’s seven-day common of 153 instances per day are seemingly telling us we’ve not completed sufficient up to now three months.

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Murray Mandryk

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Feb 23, 2021  •  15 hours in the past  •  3 minute learn

An electron microscope picture exhibits SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Saskatchewan’s each day case counts could also be leaving an impression we’re doing higher than we’re. Picture by HANDOUT /Nationwide Institutes of Well being/AF

Article content material

The issue with the reporting of Saskatchewan’s COVID-19 numbers is that they’ve really been wildly constant.

That is isn’t a self-serving shoutout to both my journalist colleagues (though given the unfair abuse many have taken over their reporting, they certainly deserve one) or the Ministry of Well being and Saskatchewan Well being Authority that present and clarify the numbers. (They, too, have endured way more abuse than deserved).

It’s merely a mirrored image of this chilly, irritating actuality for this province.

Since Saskatchewan reported 129 instances Nov. 5 — the province’s first day with greater than 100 instances — there’s been solely 5 days after we haven’t had a minimum of 100 instances a day.

It’s been a frustratingly constant efficiency for greater than three months now … and sure one that appears higher than it really is due to low-testing numbers far beneath the 4,000 assessments per day Premier Scott Moe as soon as instructed was Saskatchewan’s aim. The each day COVID-19 replace has turn out to be an everyday admission that we’ve at all times been behind in our testing. Sunday’s press launch famous 559,078 COVID-19 assessments had been processed (as of Friday) in Saskatchewan for the reason that begin of the pandemic. But it surely additionally confirmed Saskatchewan’s per capita fee was 469,247 assessments carried out per million inhabitants — nicely beneath the nationwide common of 621,306.


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Nor has Saskatchewan correctly used fast testing. As of every week in the past, solely 11,979 fast assessments kits had been used out of 409,053 take a look at kits acquired as of Feb. 10 and solely 172,956 really distributed.

The SHA stated in a press release that fast testing shall be aimed toward “all long run care websites this month” and Moe acknowledged the province has didn’t act extra shortly to deploy fast testing in crucial locations like jails, colleges and First Nations and Metis communities prepared to take part.

The Saskatchewan authorities merely must do a greater job of testing as a result of the province merely can not develop its absolute best technique to fight COVID-19 if we don’t have the very best info on case numbers and virus unfold.

Clearly, one main facet impact of this world pandemic has been pointless paranoia — one thing that doesn’t simply afflict the far proper with its conspiracy theories over vaccines or a worldwide authorities.

The far left — and even barely extra reasoned critics of presidency — have  made it identified they think an absence of testing has been a method of holding Saskatchewan’s case depend artificially low.

Including to those suspicions are the uncomfortably excessive take a look at positivity charges which have exceeded 10 per cent in latest weeks — generally, increased than the U.S.. This, too, generally is a nebulous quantity however it’s value noting the federal government as soon as expressed issues over positivity fee percentages within the low single digits lengthy earlier than each day case counts have been persistently hitting triple digits.


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Numbers like Sunday’s seven-day common of 153 instances per day are seemingly telling us we haven’t completed sufficient up to now three months.

Admittedly, within the 108 days since we broke the 100-cases-per-day barrier, we’ve solely seen three days with greater than 400 instances (the final one being, Jan. 11) and solely 18 days with greater than 300 instances (final on Jan. 29).

Additionally, Saskatchewan’s dying toll of 372 (as of Sunday) hasn’t been as excessive as Manitoba or Alberta, considerably validating Moe’s argument we’ve completed sufficient to justify lesser financial restrictions than our neighbours.

And, actually, Moe’s argument goes to be enhanced by rising vaccination numbers.

However by the federal government’s personal metrics, 100 instances a day — a quantity we didn’t attain for the primary 238 days of this pandemic — was as soon as a high-water mark. (Manitoba shut issues down in December and January after each day numbers within the 300 to 400 vary and now has its each day case depend beneath three digits.)

Now, we nonetheless face the fact that: Vaccine arrival and rollout stay an uncertainty, a possible third wave with extra contagious variants could be coming and our low testing numbers and excessive positivity fee means Saskatchewan’s each day case counts have long-been deceptively low.

That is one time when seeing consistency is probably not such an excellent factor.

Mandryk is the political columnist for the Regina Chief-Put up and Saskatoon StarPhoenix.

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