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A man sentenced to ; life sentence for the murder of an infant in Flin Flon, Manitoba

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Charity Fleury with her baby Chase Pearl McCallum-Fleury.


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A Manitoba Court of King's Bench judge sentenced a man guilty of murdering a baby to life in prison, without the possibility of parole for 13 years.

The 28-year-old Sandy Bay, Sask., man was found guilty of second-degree murder in July. He was arrested and charged in 2021 for the death of Chase Pearl McCallum-Fleury, his girlfriend's daughter.

At the sentencing in The Pas, in the northwest of the province, on December 15, the child's mother, Charity Fleury, spoke of the unimaginable horror of the murder. It will definitely haunt me for the rest of my life, she said.

I don’t know how someone could be so cruel, to take my daughter’s life – someone who said they cared for her. One thing, you were never his father. The obituaries with your name were burned – when this is over, I will never speak your name again. In my eyes, you are dead, continued Charity Fleury.

She was at work when her daughter was discovered seriously injured on August 11, 2020. Paramedics were unable to resuscitate her.

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Charity Fleury had just returned to the office after her maternity leave. His parents were supposed to watch the child, but ultimately were unable to do so. The man, who lived with Ms. Fleury and the child, then offered to look after the baby.

Days before her death, she also suffered a broken arm while the man was watching her.

Judge Sheldon Lanchbery found the man guilty after a trial that revolved around circumstantial evidence and the fact that there was no other reasonable explanation for baby Chase's injuries.

She had suffered severe blunt force trauma to the head. At trial, no explanation or evidence was provided as to how the baby was fatally injured.

Which is so unusual in this case it was that [the man] appeared to be in a romantic relationship with Charity and acted as someone who enjoyed taking on this role of father – a role he accepted willingly, the judge said.

I would describe what happened as a heinous act, he said.

Charity Fleury said it's difficult for her not knowing how her daughter died. Did she suffer? Did she wonder where her mother was? She must have been so scared.

Ms. Fleury also attacked the man for being by her side at Chase's funeral, before he be charged with her death.

When the man had a chance to speak, he apologized. He is a member of the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, born to parents who were 16 years old and raised by his grandparents, who were forced to attend day schools.

The court heard the convict did not suffer from addiction issues, mental health, learning difficulties, a difficult childhood and had no record judicial. A pre-sentence report made was of a low risk of reoffending.

His lawyer, Garth Bendig, said that while the killing was shocking, it seemed contrary to the personality of his client. This is an individual who took on the responsibility of a parental role without experience, who, in a very short period of time, committed a tragic act.

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