Man of Steel 2: this costume chosen by Henry Cavill for his return has a particular meaning

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Henry Cavill is officially back as Superman! If he appeared in the post-credits scene of Black Adam, enough to give us an overview of the costume chosen, it will soon be available. find it in the long-awaited Man of Steel 2. Currently at; the poster of Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix, the interpreter of the superhero reveals how he chosen the design of his combination, very ;s symbolic to; his eyes.

Man of Steel 2: This costume chosen by Henry Cavill for his return has a special meaning

Henry Cavill moved by his return as Superman

He's finally back! If he had promised never to give up the man of steel cape, Henry Cavill has proven; how much he cared about the character of Superman with the costume chosen for his return. Indeed, DCEU fans were able to rediscover the superhero in the iconic post-credits scene of Black Adam and Superman's look never failed. was not due randomly. Interviewed by Collider regarding his cameo in the film, Henry Cavill said; have had the opportunity; to choose which costume he wanted to wearwithin the post-credits scene. As you may have observed, the actor chose to take on the iconic and original costume of the hero!

It was a powerful moment for me, a significant moment.&nbsp ;I was given the choice of the costume I wanted to wear, and I directly chose the Man of Steel one. This one makes the most sense for, it takes me back to memories. When I put it back on, I stay planted. in front of a mirror. The costume holds a special power, and there is no way around it

The more textured costume and with a symbol larger than the one seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, has a special meaning for Henry Cavill:  >

Seeing me standing in this costume does something to me. describe. Many years to to hope, to to plan, to strive, to doing everything I can to get back to it, and finally being able to get back to it, it meant a lot and it's something I won't soon forget.

Some fans thought; as his departure from the series The Witcheron Netflix was linked; to the schedule that his return as Superman for the DCEU would require of him. If Henry Cavill has still not confirmed information, several reports indicate thatthe actor would have decided; to leave the ship due to differences with the production. Indeed, the interpreter of Geralt de Riv wanted to embody a version of the character more faithful to that of booksby the Polish author, while the teams of the series saw their hero from another angle. 

Man of Steel 2: this costume chosen by Henry Cavill for his return has a particular meaning

Henry Cavill wants to play a different version of the man of steel

What is certain is that Henry Cavill is officially back on our screens with Superman's cape! If the post-credits scene of Black Adam suggests that the long-awaited fight of the anti-hero against DC Comics s biggest star is expectedone day or another, the actor will also return in Man of Steel 2, officially in preparation. Several years after the release of the first installment, Henry Cavill had time to think about which version of the character he would like to portray. With Screen Rant, he confided; wish to play a different version of the man of steel:

I have a lot of desires to this topic, of course, which we will talk more about in due course. But the most important thing, which I will aim for, is that the public comes out of the cinema feeling like they can fly, can protect, and want to give back. all the others. This is my goal

À like his will on The Witcher, Henry Cavill wants to transmit the inspirations transmitted by the superhero in the comics. Indications that allow to have an idea of ​​the tone to be expected in Man of Steel 2, and to cross out the hypothesis of a darker film…