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Man caught stealing fuel charged at police in Arborfield

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The suspect, a man from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, will appear before a judge in Melfort on Monday.


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A 29-year-old suspect from Fort Saskatchewan, Alta., faces multiple charges after ramming into police vehicles and assaulting officers during his arrest in Saskatchewan for attempted robbery The attempted fuel theft took place at a large tank in Arborfield, located about 90 miles east of Prince Albert, says the RCMP.

According to the Carrot River Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the incident was reported around 1:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon, triggering a rapid response.

RCMP say the suspect was confronted by a person described as the representative of the property at the scene of the alleged theft. After this confrontation, the suspect pursued the person in a vehicle.

In their search, RCMP located the suspect in a car parked in Arborfield.

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As officers approached, the driver violently drove into two police vehicles and also struck a parked truck. The officers were slightly injured during the incident.

Shortly after, RCMP notes, the vehicle stopped and the driver was taken into custody. But police allege the suspect assaulted officers during his arrest, adding that the driver also refused to submit to an alcohol test.

The man faces several charges, including assault on a police officer, failure to stop in front of a peace officer and dangerous driving.

He will appear in Melfort provincial court on Monday.

Meanwhile, the RCMP will likely continue their investigation into this incident.

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