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A man accused of ;a murder in Manitoba had attacked two women in British Columbia

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Kevin Queau was charged this week with second-degree murder of Crystal Saunders, committed in Winnipeg in 2007. He was convicted in 2015 for serious sexual assault committed in British Columbia. (archive photo)


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A man arrested Saturday in connection with the murder of a Métis woman in Manitoba in 2007 has a history of sexual assault in Colombia -British, according to court documents obtained by CBC.

According to these documents, Kevin Queau admitted to assaulting two British Columbia women in 2015, including one sexually. He was sentenced to five years in prison in August that year.

One ​​of the victims said he was sexually assaulted for five hours.

WARNING: Certain passages in this text may offend the sensitivity of readers.

The other victim, who met her assailant on the dating site Tinder, declared that Kevin Queau had hit and strangled her during the sexual act until she loses consciousness.

She added that he had a crazy look.

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She heard her attacker say: 'It's something in me that I'm frankly afraid of that came out,' prosecutor Jason Krupa told the judge at the time. the Provincial Court of British Columbia which convicted Kevin Queau.

On Monday, when announcing the arrest of Kevin Queau on Saturday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) explained that DNA analyzes made it possible to make the link with the 2007 victim, Crystal Saunders.

Manitoba RCMP say they are also looking for links between Kevin Queau and other unsolved crimes.

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The body of Crystal Saunders was found in a ditch near St. Ambroise, Manitoba, on April 19, 2007. She was 24 years old. Kevin Queau is accused of having killed her. (Archive photo)

DNA had already played a crucial role during the trial of Kevin Queau in 2015. Analyzes then made it possible to establish a link between the accused and the two attacks that occurred a year apart.

Kevin Queau and one of the two victims met for a drink in February 2013. Each then had to go their separate ways, but the prosecutor then said that Kevin Queau followed the woman to the SkyTrain, then to his home.

She then took him to a nearby hotel. The man had paid for a room and ordered a pizza.

Later, she got up and told Kevin Queau that she was going to leave. He suddenly hit her and made her fall to the ground, Jason Krupa told the judge at the time, highlighting the sudden change in his character. He then told her that if she tried to leave or scream, he would kill her.

Kevin Queau sexually assaulted the woman in the hours that followed, before calmly getting dressed and leaving the room, we learned in court.

She then rushed to the door and locked it, explained the prosecutor. Ten minutes later the man returned and forced the door open. At that moment, she thought he was going to kill her, Jason Krupa added.

Instead, the attacker would have looked around and left calmly according to the prosecutor, as if nothing had happened before.

Although the victim provided a name and photograph of her attacker, police did not locate him until December 2014, when his DNA was found in connection with the second incident.

In this case, Kevin Queau had had several meetings with the woman who would become his victim.

Mr. Queau was fun, charming and engaging, Jason Krupa reported at the time. But the woman also noted an aggressive side that was on full display the night he slapped her and she slapped her back.

He grabbed her, pushed her onto her back, then placed his arm around her neck and choked her until she lost awareness. All this happened in a few seconds, detailed the prosecutor.

She then remembers waking up terrified – she thought she was going to die – and seeing Mr. Queau calmly put on his pants, call a taxi and leave. p>Open in full screen mode

Kevin Queau was arrested by the RCMP in British Columbia last Saturday.

The two women explained that the attacks of which they were victims made them deeply marked.

I thought I was going to die, one of them testified. I was afraid for my life.

Kevin Queau had written an apology to both women, which his lawyer read in court. My selfish and self-destructive behavior has affected not only my life, but also the lives of those around me. I do not expect to be forgiven, as my actions are inexcusable.

The judge concluded the hearing to determine the hardly with a warning. He then declared that Kevin Queau's predilection for sexual violence indicated some form of deeper problem.

It would be wise for you to get to the bottom of this , the judge advised him. In your interest, and certainly, as I said, in the interest of the people. I feel they are in danger after what I heard here today.

With information by Jason Proctor, Caitlyn Gowriluk Sarah Petz and Raphaëlle Laverdière

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