MamaRika released a video clip for her new track

MamaRika released a video clip for her new track

MamaRika. Photo: press service

Ukrainian singer MamaRika presented a video clip for her new track “Zorya”.

The leitmotif of “Dawn” is the understanding that after the darkest night, dawn always comes. We are all now looking for a point of support that will give us inspiration and strength to move on. Despite everything, Ukrainians cannot be broken no matter where we are and no matter how difficult it is – we will always find the same path home.

Each of us has a fire burning inside that guides us through life and gives us the strength to rise and move forward again and again.

This long winter has been a real test for us, but the harder it is for us, the stronger we become. I hope that “Zorya” will support and warm Ukrainians in these cold, dark times, –  says MamaRika.

The singer wrote the song in collaboration with sound producer Vanko Klymenko. According to MamaRika, the work went on for quite a long time, many versions of the arrangements were made, but everything turned out as the artist intended.

The clip was shot in the summer in between the singer's charity performances in European cities. The location was Oitsovsky Park, which is famous for its incredible views. Yana Leskova and Maks Doroshenko acted as director and operator.

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