Maluma insists on controversy over his presence in Qatar: “If some did not want to come, it is their problem”

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After receiving criticism for abandoning an interview in which he was questioned about the violation of human rights in that country, the paisa singer spoke about the subject in his Instagram account

Maluma insists on controversy over his presence in Qatar: “If some did not want to come, it is their problem”

Colombian singer Maluma will perform in Qatar

The presence of Maluma at the Mundial Qatar 2022 He has given a lot to talk about the paisa artist, both good and bad comments. Through his Instagram stories, the singer referred to the controversy that has been generated and argued, again, the reasons why he did not reject the offer to be at that sporting event.

Especially, the critics have reached the singer after, in the middle of an interview, he got up upset because the journalist asked him about his position on the violation of human rights in that country. For this reason, in a publication that he made on the morning of November 19 -hours before the opening of the World Cup- the artist explained his role in this situation.

Juan Luis Londoño once again insisted that his presence at the event only relates to his music. “Tonight we sing the official World Cup anthem at the fan event. I came to celebrate the football festival, to put my flag and my culture in the most important event in the history of sports and to bring joy to the corners of the world. That is my task and my legacy.”

Maluma insists on controversy over his presence in Qatar: “If some did not want to come, it is their problem”

The story that Maluma published after receiving criticism for getting up in the middle of an interview in Qatar

Then the paisa artist continued his message, pointing out that he will continue to fulfill his dream in the World Cup, regardless of the fact that other artists have refused to be there due to social issues. “I am not going to change and I will continue to do so with all the love in the world. If some did not want to come, that is their problem, but I am here facing reality and bringing light to the whole world”.

This publication is given after the interview that the Colombian had with the journalist Moav Vardi, who told him “Shakira and Dua Lipathey refused to take part in this world cup because of Qatar's bad human rights record and obviously people think, Maluma, you don't have a problem with the violation of human rights in this country?”

To this the 4 babys singer replied: “Yes, but it's something I can't figure out. I only came here to enjoy life, enjoy football and the football party. It's not something I really have to get involved in. I am here enjoying my music and the beautiful life, playing soccer too,” he said.

The paisa singer once again insisted that he is in the World Cup to represent his country and for his music

It should be noted that previously, in a dialogue with the morning program Good Day Colombia from RCN Televisión, who took advantage of the arrival of Maluma to ask him some questions about his presentation and the controversy that arose because he did not reject the proposal to collaborate with the World Cup.

On this, the artist insisted that he respects his colleagues, but he is fulfilling his dream of being in a World Cup, as it should be remembered that Londoño was a soccer player for many years. “Everyone has their opinion and way of thinking, for me this is very important, I dreamed of this all my life, to be part of the official FIFA World Cup song,” he said.< /p>

“I always dreamed of this and today it is being given to me, it is an opportunity that I was not going to let go of. They invited me to Qatar to sing at the World Cup. Colombia does not come to the event, but I did have to come to represent my culture”, expressed the Colombian artist.

The artist also anticipated in dialogue with the Colombian media that at the show Inauguration ceremony, she will not only perform the World Cup song, but within her repertoire she will sing Hawái, Felices los cuatro, Junio, among others. Regarding his arrival, he expressed that “I just arrived, I went to the hotel and took a shower, and now we are here to do the sound check.”