Maluma confirmed that he will be in Qatar: “Colombia is going to the World Cup,” the artist announced on social networks

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The paisa artist will travel in the next few hours to meet the appointment at the Soccer World Cup that some other artists such as Dua Lipa and Englishman Rod Stewart declined < /h2>

Maluma confirmed that he will be in Qatar: “Colombia is going to the World Cup”, the artist announced on social networks

Maluma will finally sing at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, despite criticism. Photo taken from Maluma's Instagram.

The Colombian artist Maluma did not give way to the rumors of his possible refusal to participate in the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, as he finally confirmed that he would be there and even appears in photos on their social networks about to board their plane to travel to the Arab country.

“Colombia is going to the World Cup… We are going to sing the official FIFA song at the Fan Event… See you in Qatar. Long live the football party”, the Colombian published on his Instagram social network.

Maluma confirmed that he will be in Qatar: “Colombia is going to the World Cup”, the artist announced on social networks

Post by Maluma about his participation in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

In the images he is seen in an airport with the Colombian National Team shirt, while in the comments a series of criticisms rain down on him for his decision to attend, many of them they argued under the criteria of being a country that has a significant amount of deaths around the organization of the event.

Precisely this topic continues to be controversial at a global level, as some musicians have given up attending the show prior to the sporting event, including the British pop star Dua Lipa and the legendary Rod Stewart, who assured that they managed to offer him more than 1 million dollars to appear at the World Cup.

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On the part of the Colombians, the urban music singer J Balvin and the Barranquilla star Shakira were also invited to be part of the group of artists who will open the most mediatic sporting event in the world. However, up to now Shakira's presence is on the table, thanks to the fact that in the last few hours there have been rumors of the possibility that the Colombian will not attend, the reasons why this would happen being unknown for sure.

While in the case of J Balvin it was finally confirmed that he will not attend, according to various media, in response to the call of the people not to go because of the violation of human rights that occur in that nation. For now Maluma is the only coffee grower who will have a show at the World Cup despite criticism on social networks.

Shakira is the artist with the most performances in the World Cups with up to three times opening the competition, this would be the fourth time, however, apparently it will not happen and the official statement would come out this Friday, November 18, as announced by the team. from Barranquilla, according to what the newspaper El Heraldo was able to establish.

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On the other hand, the true protagonists of the sporting event: the players, are already beginning to arrive in Qatar to finish to organize what is necessary to start the most anticipated orbital appointment of the last 4 years. It is worth remembering that although Colombia did not qualify for the World Cup, there are other South American teams that the fans in this part of the world will support, such as Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

However, in In addition to Argentina and Brazil, the list of favorites includes other teams such as France, Germany, among others.