Maky likes her peace, but I believe she can handle the pressure, says Vondroušová's husband

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Maky likes her peace, but I believe the pressure will ease,

Czech tennis player Markéta Vondroušová (second from left) celebrates after winning the Wimbledon final with members of her family, right her husband Štěpán Šimek , July 15, 2023.

London – Although, according to Markéta Vondroušová, Štěpán Šimek does not show much emotion, he had tears in his eyes after his wife's Wimbledon victory on Saturday in the stands of the London center court. Just a year ago, after the wedding, he supported a Czech tennis player in the treatment of an injured wrist, therefore he called the unexpected triumph at the All England Club “inhuman”. He understands that the introvert Vondroušová is now facing a wave of interest, but he told journalists that the player copes better with him than after the Roland Garros 2019 final.

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Maky likes her peace, but believe me, that he will handle the pressure, says Vondra's husband

Maky likes her peace, but I believe the pressure has increased day, says Vondra's husband

Maky likes her peace, but I believe she will handle the pressure, says husband Vondrou&scaron ;ové

Maky likes her peace, but I believe the pressure will increase day, says Vondra's husband

“Of course, I'm very happy, but mostly I'm in shock. Even though Maky has an excellent season, no one expected it. Some tournaments went well, others less so. But above all, I notice a huge shift in her head. She has improved a lot in that one. I always wait, that he would play well, but that he would win Wimbledon, I didn't expect that,” said Šimek, who works as a project manager for an IT company that develops information systems for airports and railway stations.

He didn't arrive in London until Saturday's final, until then Vondroušová joked at his address that he had to look after the cat Frankie at home. However, he supported the tennis player from a distance, including in the quarterfinals with the American Jessica Pegula, when they communicated during the interruption of the decisive third set.

“It wasn't that hot. Although Maky said in English on the press that we talked on the phone, but we only texted each other. It wasn't like I gave her some worldly advice. Rather, she could have complained to me,” Simek described. “She spewed everything that was wrong at me, so I wrote to her: “Sure, but I think you are playing a good match and you haven't lost yet. Your opponent can also help you, because it's a lot at stake,'' he added.

Before the final with the Tunisian Uns Džabirová, he didn't say anything to Vondroušová. He wanted her not to be stressed and to enjoy the game. “That is the most important thing for her. When she goes to the court and realizes that tennis is not work, but also fun, she plays the best. This attitude is difficult to maintain in difficult moments. But now she has managed it,” Šimek pointed out.

< p>They have been married since last year, but have known each other for many years. That is also why Šimek sees a shift in the tennis player. “Maky is specific compared to other players in that she doesn't take tennis as a job. She lives it. At a tournament, for example, she plays two matches a day and then plays tennis at the hotel. She watches other people's matches and enjoys it. Maybe it's wrong , but at the same time you can see how he lives through sport,” said Šimek.

In addition to the wedding, last year Vondroušová dealt with convalescence after an operation on an injured wrist. For this reason as well, the Wimbledon title is exceptional for Šimek. “It was not known how he would play and if he would ever return to full strength. That he will win Wimbledon in a year is inhuman and completely incomprehensible to me,” he said. He supported his wife in difficult times. “At one point, no one really knew what to do next and if anything could be done about it. There were very dark moments and the question of whether he would still be able to play hung in the air. That's what makes this title more valuable,” added Šimek.

In his eyes, Vondroušová is purposeful, but phlegmatic at the same time. She does not seek attention, she likes her peace. “Someone likes to go to parties, celebrate and always have a drink with a bunch of friends. Maky is rather calmer. He prefers to watch a series at home and relax more than, for example, with alcohol. He is a relatively calm person in this respect, almost an introvert,” he described the new Wimbledon champion Šimek.

At the same time, he knows that now there will be interest in Vondroušová. “It started from the quarter-finals and after the semi-finals it was completely extreme. Even I was completely done with all the hustle and bustle. There are a huge number of messages, sponsors are calling with offers, the pressure is getting stronger and you want to be ready for the match,” described Šimek . Arrivals and tickets for other family and team members were also dealt with before the final. “It was a terrible roar. I don't understand all the more how she managed the final, because I was completely exhausted on Friday night,” he smiled.

As for interest, Vondroušová can already draw on experience from the past. “The big advantage is that she has already experienced the finals of Roland Garros and the Olympics. Although this is probably a little more. We'll see. I will try to make it easier for her as much as possible and help her not to be disgusted by all the interest in tennis,” added Šimek.