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« Make Canada Great Again »  : Trudeau attacks Poilievre with a Trump slogan

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In the House of Commons, Pierre Poilievre listened attentively to Justin Trudeau.< /p>The Canadian Press

The Conservatives want nothing more and nothing less to “Make Canada Great Again,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched on Wednesday, trying to attach this label to Pierre Poilievre and his troops, inspired by the slogan popularized by former American President Donald Trump.

Why doesn't he say it straight? He intends to Make Canada Great Again. The reality is that Canada is great. Canada is the best country in the world, Mr. Trudeau said in English during question period.

The Prime Minister, who answered all questions for nearly 45 minutes, had just received another burst of reproaches from his conservative opponent.

Mr. Poilievre listed how Canadians' standard of living has deteriorated since the Liberals came to power, according to him.

He lamented that crowds of military personnel now live in tent cities, that millions of people line up outside food banks like during the Great Depression, and that young people struggle to become homeowners before the age of 40.

LoadingFederal government invests $28 million to curb auto theft

The federal government is investing $28 million to stop auto theft

ELSE ON NEWS: The federal government is investing $28 million to stop auto theft

The good news is that life was not like that before this Prime Minister, and it will no longer be like that after his departure, declared the Conservative leader, a sentence that ;he repeats regularly in his speeches.

Mr. Trudeau acknowledged that challenges exist and said his government is addressing them. He notably cited investments of $445 million to house the military, the establishment of a dental care program for the elderly or vulnerable young people and the halving of child care costs. .

We will be there for Canadians while he proposes cuts in services, cuts in programs and in the support that Canadians need, he added.

A few minutes earlier, in another tense exchange, Mr. Trudeau uttered the words Make Canada Great Again for the first time in the House.

This time, Mr. Poilievre asked him to bring common sense into the justice system, an expression that he particularly likes to the point of using it to describe his political vision.

The Conservative leader accused him in the same breath of having established a system of arrests and releases which increased the number of crimes compared to the period when former Prime Minister Stephen Harper led the country.

What we hear from the Leader of the Opposition is: under the previous Conservative government, everything was perfect. And what he proposes to do is to make Canada great again (Make Canada Great Again). This is not what Canadians want.

A quote from Justin Trudeau

However, said the Prime Minister, Canadians remember Mr. Poilievre's record as rotten Minister of Housing under Stephen Harper, a time when Indigenous rights were violated and the Conservatives had a non-existent environmental plan.

Liberals have been making comparisons between Pierre Poilievre and Donald Trump for weeks, repeating that conservatives are doing American-style politics and that their leader is the Trump of the North.

Shortly before the holiday break, Mr. Trudeau began referring to Donald Trump's slogan by its acronym MAGA.

The conservatives, who x27;inspired by the ideology of the MAGA movement, wish that pollution becomes free again and that Canadians stop receiving the checks that the government regularly sends them, he declared for example to defend the price that he imposes on pollution.

His team also produced a video at the end of October depicting the viral exchange in which Mr. Poilievre confronted a journalist while casually eating an apple in an orchard, asking him which page of Donald Trump's book he would have been inspired by.

The liberal advertisement presented a montage of the almost identical vocabulary used by two men by dealing with fake news, corrupt media, the ideology of woke censorship, political correctness, the radical left and by reproaching the press.

The Liberals present themselves as a bulwark against attempts to sweep Canada into a far-right populist wave sweeping across the other democratic countries and which, among other things, undermines the rights of sexual minorities and climate action.

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