Maite Perroni confessed how she will cope with her pregnancy on “Soy Rebelde Tour”

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The actress, who is sweetly expecting her firstborn, wrote a romantic birthday greeting for her husband Andrés Tovar


Adriana Castillo

Maite Perroni confessed how What will she cope with her pregnancy in “Soy Rebelde Tour”

Your baby will be born shortly before the start of “Soy Rebelde Tour”. (Instagram Capture: @maiteperroni)

Since Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar announced the sweet expectation of their firstborn@, RBD fans expressed their concern about the impact that this new and wonderful stage could have on the reunion of the pop group. And it is that the pregnancy of the soap opera protagonist coincided with the return of Anahí, Dulce María, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez to the stage after 15 years.

Between rumors and speculation, Maite Perroni broke the silence to confirm that she will participate in all the shows that RBD has scheduled in the United States, Brazil and Mexico thanks to the support she already receives of her husband, Andrés Tovar, and his colleagues, she made it known in an interview she gave for @la_roiz.

 Maite Perroni confessed how she will cope with her pregnancy in “Soy Rebelde Tour”

It was Anahí who published the first photograph of pregnant Maite Perroni. (Instagram)

I am accompanied by a lot of love, a lot of support and a containment that strengthens me a lot to be able to take all these important steps. Also, the fact of being able to share this new stage is a challenge and a great opportunity to continue learningand that, in addition, my friends who already have experience are accompanying me and coaching me, they are giving me tips, advice and suggestions.

In this way, the protagonist of La gata hinted that Her pregnancy was well received by all the members of RBD and it was not an impediment to her being able to participate in Soy Rebelde Tour, since they all reached agreements so that the project could continue.


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It is a very special moment, imagine what year awaits me. I am preparing myself physically and emotionally to be able to live this whole stage, which is truly a beautiful stage, I cannot complain, on the contrary, I feel blessed and super lucky. I am overflowing with gratitude, love, fullness, many illusions and, of course, a whole personal process that I am experiencing for the first time.

During the same interview, Maite Perroni opened up about the reasons that led all the members of RBD to meet again after 15 years. From her perspective, she commented that they will tour to please their fans with the hits that marked an entire generation in order to close that stage that catapulted them to international fame. And it is that their success was so great that they came to participate in a parade of Disney along with Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé and Andrea Bocelli .

 Maite Perroni confessed how she will cope with her pregnancy in “Soy Rebelde Tour”

Alfonso Herrera will not participate in the reunion. (Instagram Photo: @anahi //YouTube Capture: RBD Channel)

“20 years later, being able to close a cycle of our lives that has been so important and spectacular, that has been full of love and energy and that has given us so much. I think it is very nice to share the stage again, to share our music again, to share again with all those hearts that have only given us love and support and that to this day continue to vibrate with RBD”, he declared.

As we always said: 'The seventh RBD is each one of you'. So we're going to be together again to share our music, our energy; so that we can all enjoy these beautiful times that we lived before and be able to make new stories.

 Maite Perroni confessed how she will cope with her pregnancy in “Soy Rebelde Tour”

Andrés Tovar and Maite Perroni were married in October 2022. (Photo: Instagram/@anahi)

Maite Perroni wrote a romantic congratulations for Andrés Tovar

The Mexican interpreter turned to her Instagram account to share an emotional birthday greeting in honor of her husband Andrés Tovar, a television producer whom she married in October 2022.

“If I had to define the word fullness it would be with your name, your passage through this world makes a difference. Not only because of that delicious laugh and mischievous face or because of your ability to feel and connect with the people who need you the most, or because of your immense love for life and doing justice. There is not a day that I do not thank you for your existence, because you are the best gift for those of us who have been lucky enough to meet with you on this plane”, he began.

Maite Perroni confessed how she will cope with her pregnancy on “I'm a Rebelde Tour”

(Instagram Photo: @atovarp)

My soul was waiting for you and YES you existed!!! IF you are flesh and blood and IF you are a mortal with wings, who does not stop dreaming and sharing with me every day how beautiful it is to live life in healthy love. That you are aware of how important it is to work to be better, to grow and hold hands very tightly and to achieve it together. Thank you for inviting me to go through endless emotions with you, the most challenging and beautiful in life, thank you for being you, so humanly real and so incredibly true.

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