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Maison Simons is now present from one ocean to the other

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The inauguration of the new store took place Thursday in the presence , notably, Peter Simons (last on the right), who led the family business for more than 25 years.

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La Maison Simons continues its expansion in English Canada. It opened a new store in Halifax on Thursday, its first in the Maritimes. The Quebec company is now present from one end of the country to the other.

With a surface area of ​​56,000 square feet (± 5,200 square meters), the new branch of La Maison Simons is located at the Halifax Shopping Centre, the largest multi-building shopping center in Atlantic Canada.

Our team is ready to serve people from all over the Maritimes and we are convinced that Simons Halifax will become an essential meeting and finding place for all those wanting to discover inspiring products, declared by communicated by the president and CEO of Simons, Bernard Leblanc.

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Bernard Leblanc has been at the head of La Maison Simons since 2022.

The construction of the clothing and home decor retailer’s 17th store required investments of more than $20 million.

Simons says his arrival in the Nova Scotia capital has created more than 150 jobs.

The facade of the building recalls the sails of the famous racing schooner Bluenose, immortalized since 1937 on the 10-cent coins of the Royal Canadian Mint.

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This is a tribute to Nova Scotia's maritime culture and the career of the founder of the Quebec fashion house, John Simons, as a sail maker at the beginning of the 19th century.

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The Halifax store required investments of more than $20 million.

Maison Simons already had ten stores in Quebec, three in Alberta, one in British Columbia and two in Ontario.

With the addition of an establishment in Halifax, the company founded in 1840, whose head office is located in Old Quebec, is now present from coast to coast.

According to Jessica Darveau, associate professor in the Department of Marketing at Laval University, the continued expansion of La Maison Simons illustrates its ability to stand out in a sector very competitive which has experienced a lot of upheaval in recent years.

She believes that the Quebec retailer has been able to capture consumers' newfound enthusiasm for purchases made in stores rather than on the Internet.

It's a company that was still able to say: 'yes, online retail is important,' but which also has this in-store offering that consumers are going to. , more and more, are coming back […] It's really an offer that is distinctive from this point of view, says Ms. Darveau in an interview with Radio-Canada.

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Jessica Darveau mentions that there is “a lot of work, planning and strategy” behind the successes of La Maison Simons.

The marketing expert finds it reassuring to see a company continue its growth and undertake new expansion projects, despite the difficulties encountered during the pandemic .

It's really a great success story too. I think we can admit that as Quebecers, we are proud of this company, of what it is able to accomplish.

A quote from Jessica Darveau , associate professor in the Department of Marketing at Laval University

She attributes Simons' success in particular to its product offering, characterized among other things by house brands, and its ability to make the right decisions at the right times.

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The Simons store in Old Quebec is the company's very first point of sale. The business also houses its head office. (Archive photo)

The expansion in Halifax, she didn't do it during the pandemic, she really waited until x27;have a good previous financial year to afford this expansion, cites Ms. Darveau as an example.

The associate professor also underlines the duty that the fashion company has to carefully study its market before each expansion project.

She also understands that Canada is not a homogeneous culture, and to move from one province to another, there is still significant research to be done, the same goes for moving from one province to another. city ​​to another, notes Jessica Darveau.

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