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H6 A4 Main US Service Supplier Selects Silicom’s DU-Enabling Accelerator Playing cards For Its 5G Infrastructure - The Times Hub

Main US Service Supplier Selects Silicom’s DU-Enabling Accelerator Playing cards For Its 5G Infrastructure

Main US Service Supplier Selects Silicom’s DU-Enabling Accelerator Playing cards For Its 5G Infrastructure

KFAR SAVA, Israel, Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Silicom Ltd. (NASDAQ: SILC), a number one supplier of networking and knowledge infrastructure options, immediately introduced that it has been awarded one other new design win for its recently-announced vRAN (Digital Radio Entry Community) FEC Accelerator playing cards. The shopper, a number one US service supplier that’s pioneering a standalone 5G community primarily based on disaggregated OpenRAN structure, plans to make use of Silicom’s modern card within the community’s Distributed Models (DUs).

That is Silicom’s second win with main 5G gamers for its new acceleration card, secured in lower than two months after its first win.

“This design win is additional affirmation of the ability of 5G and disaggregation to drive our progress,” commented Shaike Orbach, Silicom’s CEO. “As we hoped, the High-5 Telco win we introduced in January has excited industry-wide curiosity in our 5G-enabling applied sciences. Enthusiastic suggestions has universally confirmed our method and the prevalence of our know-how, and we’re in discussions with a number of gamers – together with each our preliminary prospects, their DU suppliers and the ‘hyper-scalers’ they’re cooperating with – relating to potential new initiatives. With strengths in so many points of those advanced applied sciences, we operate in a ‘marketing consultant’ capability, proposing important, modern options to the challenges confronted each by operators and infrastructure suppliers.”

Mr. Orbach continued, “With 5G-related actions constructing, we imagine that we’re off and working within the route that may grow to be one in all our most necessary future progress drivers. We imagine that our modern, cost-effective merchandise, our deep 5G system-level understanding, our years-long cooperation with Intel, and the increasing relationships we’re constructing with key 5G gamers place us for long-term success on this high-potential market.”  

About Silicom

Silicom Ltd. is an industry-leading supplier of high-performance networking and knowledge infrastructure options. Designed primarily to enhance efficiency and effectivity in Cloud and Information Middle environments, Silicom’s options improve throughput, lower latency and enhance the efficiency of servers and networking home equipment, the infrastructure spine that allows superior Cloud architectures and main applied sciences like NFV, SD-WAN and Cyber Safety. Our modern options for high-density networking, high-speed material switching, offloading and acceleration, which make the most of a spread of cutting-edge silicon applied sciences in addition to FPGA-based options, are perfect for scaling-up and scaling-out cloud infrastructures.

Silicom merchandise are utilized by main Cloud gamers, service suppliers, telcos and OEMs as elements of their infrastructure choices, together with each add-on adapters within the Information Middle and stand-alone virtualized/common CPE units on the edge.

Silicom’s long-term, trusted relationships with greater than 170 prospects all through the world, its greater than 400 lively Design Wins and greater than 300 product SKUs have made Silicom a “go-to” connectivity/efficiency associate of alternative for know-how leaders across the globe.

For extra info, please go to: www.silicom.co.il

Statements on this press launch which aren’t historic knowledge are forward-looking statements which contain identified and unknown dangers, uncertainties, or different components not underneath the corporate’s management, which can trigger precise outcomes, efficiency, or achievements of the corporate to be materially totally different from the outcomes, efficiency, or different expectations implied by these forward-looking statements. These components embrace, however should not restricted to, Silicom’s growing dependence for substantial income progress on a restricted variety of prospects within the evolving cloud-based, SD-WAN, NFV and Edge markets, the velocity and extent to which options are adopted by these markets, chance that Silicom will rely more and more on prospects which give options in these evolving markets, leading to an growing dependence on a smaller variety of bigger prospects, problem in commercializing and advertising and marketing of Silicom’s services and products, sustaining and defending model recognition, safety of mental property, competitors, disruptions to our manufacturing and improvement together with normal disruptions to all the world financial system regarding the unfold of the novel coronavirus ( COVID-19) and different components detailed within the firm’s periodic filings with the Securities and Alternate Fee. These forward-looking statements can usually be recognized as such as a result of the context of the assertion will embrace phrases, comparable to “expects,” “ought to,” “believes,” “anticipates” or phrases of comparable import. Equally, statements that describe future plans, targets or targets are additionally forward-looking statements. In mild of serious dangers and uncertainties inherent in forward-looking statements, the inclusion of such statements shouldn’t be considered a illustration by the corporate that it’ll obtain such forward-looking statements. The corporate disclaims any obligation to replace such statements, whether or not because of new info, future occasions, or in any other case.  

Firm Contact:

Eran Gilad, CFO

Silicom Ltd.        

Tel: +972-9-764-4555      

E-mail: [email protected]

Investor Relations Contact:

Ehud Helft

GK Investor Relations

Tel: +1 646 201 9246

E-mail: [email protected] 

SOURCE Silicom Ltd.

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