Magog wants to do more for the environment

The City of Magog is a member of the Municipal Fund for Biodiversity, whose objective is to protect natural spaces located in urbanized sectors.
“By joining this fund, the City of Magog agrees to pay the equivalent of $ 1 per household each year, or $ 15,212 in 2020. This amount will be increased by 31.25 percent by the Fondation de la Faune du Québec and the Quebec Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, ”said a press release issued by the municipality.

It is important to note that the “sums deposited by the City in the Municipal Biodiversity Fund are cumulative and reserved for projects aimed at conserving the territory or protecting the habitat of wildlife species in Magog. ”

“With this commitment, the City is taking an additional step to fight climate change, the degradation of natural environments and the loss of biodiversity on our territory,” said the mayor of Magog, Vicki-May Hamm.

In the process, Mrs. Hamm specifies that her municipality wishes to carry out actions in favor of the conservation of environments sheltering endangered species with money from the fund. And suggests that the Rivière-aux-Cerises Marsh Association could receive its share of the cake.

“We are aware of the important role that we can play as a municipality since we know our territory and the treasures that we must protect so that future generations can enjoy it as we do,” said the mayor of Magog.

The Municipal Biodiversity Fund was created by the Quebec chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. The Quebec Wildlife Foundation collaborated in setting it up.

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