Magnetic storms in September 2020: monthly forecast

Magnetic storms in September 2020: monthly forecast

Autumn starts with a magnetic storm: find out what the geomagnetic environment will be throughout September 2020

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Magnetic storms in September 2020: monthly forecast

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September begins with a magnetic storm that will last until the 3rd. However, we hasten to reassure you – despite the duration, in its strength it is insignificant and does not even reach the minimum G1 level.

Magnetic storms in September 2020: monthly forecast

When are magnetic storms expected in September

When magnetic storms are expected in September 2020, what will be the geomagnetic situation for the autumn holidays, the Autumn Equinox Day, the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Exaltation of the Lord's Cross and other days? Read the forecast of geomagnetic fluctuations for September in our article.

At the beginning of autumn 2020, the Sun is noticeably more active compared to summer. In addition to the first numbers, several more tangible geomagnetic bursts are expected in September. Keep in mind that the sun is fickle and the forecast of magnetic storms can change.

Knowing the forecast of solar activity, meteorological people will be able to protect themselves to a certain extent from the negative effects of magnetic storms and be prepared for a possible deterioration in health during the period of geomagnetic disturbances.

Magnetic storm forecast for September 2020

Minor magnetic fluctuations in September are possible on the 18th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, 29th.

Serious magnetic storms are expected in September on 2, 3, and also in the period from 25 to 28.

Watch a video on how to survive magnetic storms:

How to protect yourself from the effects of magnetic storms

During the period of strong magnetic storms, even a healthy person may have a headache, fatigue and malaise, and an unreasonable mood deterioration. Moreover, people dependent on changes in space weather more clearly feel even minor bursts of solar activity.

During magnetic storms, the body of especially sensitive people reacts more sharply and painfully: the work of the cardiovascular system is disrupted, chronic diseases are exacerbated, blood pressure and adrenaline levels in the blood can rise, anxiety and fears appear.

In order to avoid the negative influence of the Sun during magnetic storms, you should not burden yourself with excessive physical work, it is important to rest more, avoid stressful situations, and also maintain a proper diet and observe a drinking regime.

Also, during a magnetic storm, you should limit prolonged exposure to the open sun, avoid long-distance travel and be sure to keep the necessary medicines on hand.

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