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vd TG Magic vs. Nets odds, line, unfold: 2021 NBA picks, Feb. 25 predictions from mannequin on 85-49 roll - The Times Hub

Magic vs. Nets odds, line, unfold: 2021 NBA picks, Feb. 25 predictions from mannequin on 85-49 roll

Magic vs. Nets odds, line, unfold: 2021 NBA picks, Feb. 25 predictions from mannequin on 85-49 roll

The Brooklyn Nets host the Orlando Magic in an Jap Convention showdown on Thursday night. Brooklyn enters on a seven-game successful streak, bettering to 21-12 on the season. Orlando sits at simply 13-19 general, although the Magic have gained three of their final 4 video games. Kevin Durant (hamstring) is out for Brooklyn, with Jeff Inexperienced (shoulder) and Landry Shamet (chest) listed as questionable. Aaron Gordon (ankle) is out for Orlando.

Tip-off is at 7:30 p.m. ET in Brooklyn. William Hill Sportsbook lists the Nets as 8.5-point house favorites, whereas the over-under, or whole variety of factors Vegas thinks can be scored, is 227.5 within the newest Magic vs. Nets odds. Earlier than you make any Nets vs. Magic picks, make sure you see the NBA predictions and betting recommendation from SportsLine’s confirmed pc mannequin.

The SportsLine Projection Mannequin simulates each NBA sport 10,000 instances, and it returned over $5,000 in revenue on its top-rated NBA picks final season. The mannequin is also up nearly $8,700 on top-rated NBA picks over the previous two-plus seasons. Relationship again to final season, it enters Week 10 of the 2020-21 NBA schedule on a shocking 85-49 roll on top-rated NBA picks towards the unfold. Anyone who has adopted it has seen big returns.

Now, the mannequin has set its sights on Magic vs. Nets. You’ll be able to head to SportsLine to see its picks. Now, listed below are a number of NBA odds and betting developments for Nets vs. Magic:

    Magic vs. Nets unfold: Nets -8.5
    Magic vs. Nets over-under: 227.5 factors
    Magic vs. Nets cash line: Brooklyn -350, Orlando +290
    ORL: The Magic are 6-4 towards the unfold within the final 10 video games
    BKN: The Nets have lined the unfold in seven straight video games

Newest Odds:

Brooklyn Nets

Why the Magic can cowl

Orlando is enjoying improved basketball in latest days, and Nikola Vucevic is having fun with an All-Star season. The veteran heart is averaging 23.9 factors and 11.7 rebounds per sport and, along with his work close to the rim, Vucevic is connecting on 39.9 p.c of his three-point makes an attempt. Vucevic’s presence can be key towards a smaller Brooklyn staff that struggles mightily on the defensive finish. In reality, the Nets permit greater than 1.14 factors per possession, a bottom-five mark within the NBA, and Brooklyn is third-worst in turnover creation charge. 

Orlando is strongly above-average in ball safety, turning the ball over on solely 13.4 p.c of possessions. Defensively, the Magic may have their fingers full with the Nets, however Orlando presently leads the NBA in each defensive rebound charge (76.0 p.c) and second-chance factors allowed (10.6 per sport).

Why the Nets can cowl

Brooklyn is a high-powered offensive staff led by a number of superstars, and its offense is basically unattainable to cease. In reality, the Nets lead the NBA in offensive ranking, in addition to a number of capturing classes, and Brooklyn enters any matchup with the expectation to attain at a excessive stage. Towards Orlando, the Nets may also take solace within the weaknesses of an opponent. Brooklyn’s protection has been porous this season, although it has improved in latest days. 

Past that, the Magic are the third-worst staff within the NBA in general offensive effectivity (105.4 factors per 100 possessions), and Orlando is dead-last in capturing effectivity. The Magic additionally battle in retaining their opponents off the free throw line, and the Nets are one of many high eight groups within the NBA relating to free throw creation charge.

The way to make Nets vs. Magic picks

SportsLine’s mannequin is leaning over on the entire, projecting each groups mix for 229 factors. The mannequin additionally says one facet of the unfold hits in over 50 p.c of simulations. You may get that choose at SportsLine.

So who wins Magic vs. Nets? And which facet of the unfold hits over 50 p.c of the time? Go to SportsLine now to search out out which facet of the unfold that you must bounce on, all from the mannequin that has crushed its NBA picks.

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