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The president of the FTQ, Magali Picard, will participate in COP28, which will take place from November 30 to December 12, despite the strikes which are increasing in the public sector. (Archive photo)

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The president of the FTQ, Magali Picard will participate in COP 28 despite increasing strikes in the public sector.

The union center announced Tuesday morning that Ms. Picard, one of the leading figures of the Common Front, would be part of the delegation dispatched to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, where the meeting of the Convention will take place this year. UN framework on climate change, from November 30 to December 12.

We must maintain pressure on our politicians, even at #x27;foreign, to ensure that they assume their responsibilities and respect their commitments, explains the main interested party in the press release of the announcement, which specifies that the FTQ has been participating in these conferences since the very beginning in 2015.

This announcement comes as the Common Front – which has already observed four days of walkout, including three last week – has decreed that seven new strike days will be added to the calendar, from December 8 to 14 inclusive.

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The four union leaders of the Common Front. From left to right: Robert Comeau (APTS), Magali Picard (FTQ), François Enault (CSN) and Éric Gingras (CSQ). (File photo)

At a press conference on Tuesday morning, the coordinator of negotiations for the public and parapublic sectors of the unions affiliated with the FTQ, Mélanie Gougeon, confirmed that Ms. Picard had already left for Dubai and that she had arrived there on Monday.

The president, she added, will return to Quebec next Monday, but will in the meantime remain in constant contact with the negotiating team, accessible to answer journalists' questions remotely and, if necessary, [meet] the government politicians.

According to the press release, Ms. Picard will be accompanied to the Emirates by her right-hand man, Denis Bolduc, as well as by delegates working in different sectors of the economy [and] from different affiliates (SEPB, UFCW, CUPE, Unifor).

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Magali Picard succeeded former FTQ president Daniel Boyer at the start of 2023. (File photo)

The first political reactions to the announcement of Ms. Picard's trip to Dubai certainly showed astonishment on Tuesday, with the liberal Marwah Rizqy and the PQ Paul St-Pierre Plamondon both saying they were surprised by the decision of the president of the FTQ.

The strongest criticism to date has nevertheless been issued by conservative leader Éric Duhaime who, on the X network, estimated that the union leader should cancel the delegation's trip out of respect for unionized workers […] ], parents, patients and citizens who are suffering the effects of the strike.

Reported in the media Tuesday morning, the new pressure tactics of the Common Front are added to those already observed or brandished by other unions engaged in difficult negotiations with the Legault government.

The FAE, in the first chapter, began an indefinite general strike last Thursday which continues this week. Some 368,000 students are affected, in Montreal, Laval, the Lower Laurentians, the Outaouais, the Capitale-Nationale and the greater Granby region.

The FIQ, which is also negotiating a new collective agreement for its members, should also announce new days of walkouts on Wednesday to increase pressure on the government.

And then the members of the SPGQ (analysts, computer scientists, communications advisors, etc.) adopted a strike mandate at the end of the week that could be triggered at any time.

The Common Front brings together union members of the FTQ, CSN, CSQ and APTS. Magali Picard has been in office for less than a year. She was elected president of the FTQ in January 2023, becoming the first woman and the first Indigenous person to hold this position.

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