Mafiosi revelation: David Mamet will direct a film about the Kennedy assassination

Mafiosi revelation: David Mamet will direct a film about the Kennedy assassination

Cult writer and director David Mamet (The Americans) will direct 2 Days/1963, a film about the preparation and assassination of US President John F. Kennedy by gangsters. Deadline reports. As a reminder, Leigh Whannell will reshoot The Green Hornet and Kato for Universal.

Mafia revelation: David Mamet will make a film about the Kennedy assassination

(L-R) David Mamet, Sam Giancana

The film “2 Days/1963” will be based on a script by Nicholas Celozzi, about how his great uncle, the notorious Chicago mobster Sam Giancana, orchestrated the assassination of Kennedy as revenge on the mob for his active fight against organized crime in the country.

The script will tell about previously unknown events that took place 48 hours before Kennedy's assassination in November 1963. Part of the information about the participation of the mafia in the assassination of the president was told to Selozzi by his late uncle Pepe.

It is curious that ten years ago Mamet was already preparing to shoot a film with Cate Blanchett in the title role, dedicated to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It was about the inconsistencies in the so-called Zapruder Movie, a 26-second amateur documentary filmed by Abraham Zapruder at a crime scene in Dallas. But at the last moment, the film was deprived of funding.

Celozzi Mamet will rewrite the script for himself, but the playwright says that the original text is of very excellent quality. He compares Celozzi's writing to The Godfather because both the Puzo/Coppola script and Celozzi's text are full of tales that were literally overheard at the table from relatives of the author who were in the Chicago mafia. And this adds honesty and naturalness to the script.

The film will be produced and financed in part by Celozzi, his family and Monaco Films.

As ProShoKino reported, Francis Ford Coppola will spend his own $120 million on the new film: consequences.