Maeva Ghennam: the candidate still in love with Greg? She confides

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Maeva Ghennam: the candidate still in love with Greg? She confides

Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega have often been in a relationship. Would the Marseillaise still be in love with her ex?

One of the relationships that has caused a lot of talk among the Marseillais is that of Greg Yega and Maeva Ghennam. During their first adventure together, the two reality TV candidates immediately got closer. Over the years, however, their relationship became very tumultuous. One day they were at war, another they were reconciled. Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega have been in a relationship several times. With each new adventure, however, they always ended up breaking up. For several months, these two have been separated.

Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega have since found love. According to rumors, the pretty brunette would be in a relationship with a man named Boli. For his part, Greg Yega got closer to Cynthia, Clarysse or more recently to his ex Mélanie Orl. The Marseillaise and the pretty blonde were often in conflict about Bebew. A little over a year ago, Greg Yega left Mélanie Orl to return with Maeva Ghennam. Today, the two former have decided to remain on good terms. Some Internet users are nevertheless convinced that the pretty brunette still has feelings for the Marseillais.

Has Maeva Ghennam moved on from her relationship with Greg Yega?

In recent days, the reality TV candidate has is shown very close to his ex Melanie Orl. They also went on vacation together in Courchevel. This “flame rush” quickly made a lot of noise on the web. The Rest of the World candidate, however, clarified that there was nothing left with Greg Yega. Faced with this rapprochement, fans of Maeva Ghennam asked her if she was jealous of the relationship between her ex and Mélanie Orl. The pretty brunette replied: “Bah, I no longer have feelings of love for him, so yes now, I can see Greg as a couple in front of me and even in love, I don't mind” . The influencer therefore seems to have definitely turned the page of her relationship with Bebew.