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Madness in a glass: in China, they offer to prepare a latte with green onions

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun2,2024

>> Latte with onions is part of the so-called "dark cuisine"/theedge collage

Latte with onions is part of the so-called “dark cuisine”. It is about a culinary trend where unusual recipes are created that challenge the senses.

Tiktok users from China have introduced a new coffee recipe called “Scallion Latte”. For its preparation, only one additional ingredient is needed – chopped green onions. According to the authors of the video, it adds a unique taste to the drink, writes “Focus”.

It is not surprising that this recipe caused conflicting reviews among gourmets. In particular, American and Australian baristas from Golden Brown Coffee shared with the audience all the stages of preparation of this drink.

This viral recipe appeared in China. So of course I have to try it. Start by slicing fresh green onions. Next, prepare a latte with ice, milk and add a little espresso. And finally, cover the drink with a layer of green onions,
says the author of the video.

How to prepare a latte with green onions: watch the video We're trying to viral spring onion coffee to see if it's worth the hype #springonion #springonioncoffee #greenonioncoffee #icedlatte #viraldrinks original sound – Golden Brown Coffee

After taking a sip , he immediately coughed: “You can't even fake an emotion here. It's terrible. Coffee to the bottom!”.

Hundreds of comments have appeared under the 26-second video since its publication .

  • “Have you tried coffee with diced tomatoes and mashed avocado? Amazing!”;
  • “Coffee with butter is much tastier and healthier”;
  • “Add some garlic, ginger and fish sauce”;
  • “Coffee is getting weirder and weirder and weirder these days.”

According to Yahoo, the onion latte belongs to the “dark kitchen” where chefs create recipes to test the senses. Thanks to this new trend, many fancy coffee recipes have appeared in mainland China.

Natasha Kumar

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