“Made in Taiwan”: Apple recommends against this label

“Made in Taiwan”: Apple recommends against this label

Apple is trying to appease the Chinese authorities and prevent the disruption of supplies from Taiwanese manufacturers, so it has banned the “Made in Taiwan” label from its suppliers.

Disruption in the supply of components for Apple products has already affected the delay in the release of a new model – iPhone 14. Manufacturers from Taiwan are unable to fulfill contracts on time due to the aggravation of US-China relations.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taipei nearly led to a major international conflict. In this regard, Apple sent instructions to Taiwanese parts manufacturers, hi-tech said.

The company warned that shipments to China should comply with labeling regulations. According to the instructions, the country of manufacture should be “Chinese Taipei” or “Taiwan, China”.

China insists on a policy of an indivisible state and considers Taiwan its territory. This policy has always been carried out, but especially escalated after the visit of Pelosi.

Apple warned that, according to customs rules, goods marked “Made in Taiwan” may be delayed indefinitely or even completely confiscated.

In fact, with this decision, Apple is trying to sit on two chairs and appease the Chinese authorities.