Mad Max Fury Road: George Miller silences this dirty rumor about the cult film

Mad Max Fury Road: George Miller silences this dirty rumor about the cult film

George Miller, director of Mad Max: Fury Road , has spoken about a rumor that annoys him at the highest point, about the cult film.

It has now been five years since 2015, Australian filmmaker George Miller , then 70, returned to the Mad Max saga to breathe new life into it, with Mad Max: Fury Road . A virtuoso blockbuster which has given a good slap to all the Hollywood makers, revolutionizing nothing more or less contemporary action cinema, with Tom Hardy in place of Mel Gibson in the title role, as a silent warrior, as well as Charlize Theron as Furiosa, a heroine badass enough to instantly become an iconic female character, just like Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley inAlien .

A character so adored that, very quickly, rumors about a new film, centered around the character of Furiosa, quickly emerged, without really knowing what the status of the project was. Until recently, where the Furiosa prequel was officially launched with a nice cast, with names such as Anya Taylor-Joy to play Young Furiosa, but also Chris Hemsworth , or Yahya Abdul-Mateen II . But in parallel with this announcement, Mad Max is also talking about him in another way.

Indeed, the screenwriter of the film, Brendan McCarthy , recently denied a dirty rumor, according to which the film of George Miller did not have a scenario. A rumor that would be based, according to the filmmaker himself, on a photo of the production room that had leaked, the latter having shared his annoyance at this idea with Indiewire :

“I’m not sure where this idea came from? Maybe from the photo of the production room that leaked out, with all the storyboards hanging on the wall? Of course there was a script! How did you want it? that we arouse the interest of the studio, the cast and the team, otherwise? ”

In tweets published on October 15, 2020, which have since been deleted, Brendan McCarthy was even more virulent in his comments on the subject:

“This is a picture of the play where I wrote Fury Road and imagined his designs in the late 1990s. The annoying thing about this text is that it participates in this bullshit that makes it seem like it There was no script. I always have a copy of the first version. George is a showman, who sometimes takes liberties with reality and lets this story of movies shot without a script run. As I spoke to him about it, the last time we saw each other he now says in interview that there was indeed ‘a written document’. There was a full script, yes, written after the storyboards were created. ”

The screenwriter also accompanied this text with a photo of the “written document”, dated July 30, 1999, in order to definitively silence the noise in the hallway. Because if we often attribute all the merit of Mad Max: Fury Road to its filmmaker George Miller, the screenwriter must be particularly annoyed by this kind of idea which overshadows his work. When IndieWire asked George Miller if Brendan McCarthy could be considered the co-writer of Fury Road , the filmmaker replied that it was very fair.

At the moment, not much more is known about Mad Max’s Furiosa prequel , other than that young Anya Taylor-Joy will succeed Charlize Theron in the title role, for a younger version of the character. . In the meantime, we can only encourage you to revisit this action movie masterpiece that is Mad Max: Fury Road , with our review available here .

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