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Mad Max: after the failure of Furiosa, Tom Hardy shares this sad news

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun22,2024

Predictions for Furiosa have unfortunately failed. George Miller's film, hailed by critics and the public, should have been be a success; it's a flop, the worst of the Mad Max franchise… A commercial failure which endangers the future of the saga, as pointed out one of the main actors of Fury Road, Tom Hardy.

Mad Max: after the failure of Furiosa, Tom Hardy shares this sad news

The Wasteland, cursed film?

As thirty years separate Beyond Thunderdomeand Fury Road, respectively released in 1985 and 2015, “only” 9 years separate Fury Road > from its spin-off, Furiosa. If the delays between each film seemed to shorten, to the delight of fans of George Miller's post-apocalyptic saga, this relief could be short-lived. Indeed, the future of this universe is in danger. cause of the failure of Furiosa at the box office. While the director had declared in the past that another chapter, titledThe Wasteland,was already in progress. in preparation, it may never see the light of day.In an interview withForbes,Tom Hardy, one of the main actors of Fury Road, said: :

Mad Max: after the failure of Furiosa, Tom Hardy shares this sad news

I don't think that [The Wasteland] will happen. 

The colossal and incredible Furiosa, of impressive duration, could therefore prove to be the last chapter of the Mad Max saga. At least as we know it, that is to say orchestrated with a virtuoso hand by George Miller, its visionary creator whose talent has never faded. not diminished one iota over the years. The director is not getting any younger (he celebrated his 79th birthday), if Warner Bros. decides to stop the franchise for an indefinite period, he will not sign the next film… The passing of the torch being a common thing in many countries. Hollywoodthis does not mean that the Mad Max formula will no longer be exploited in Hollywood. the future: but will the result be as epic? We doubt it!

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