Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Macron has many scenarios for his participation in the war against the racists

French President Em Manuel Macron looks at the ;five scenarios for the participation of French troops in the war between Ukraine and Russia, not including direct combat with Russian troops, is reported by the Commander-in-Chief, sent in French by ZMI.

Greatly withfirst scriptFrance It is possible to open factories on the territory of Ukraine with the production and maintenance of the plant.

Another scenario represents the fate of the French military in the beginning and dismantling.

The third The scenario is in jeopardy for the city of Odessa. It’s good to be with him, they can place French military forces there to ignite the PPO, zokrem systems, behind the “grain corridor.” Apparently, Macron previously assumed that in the near future there will be disturbances in “sending part of his people” to Odessa.

The fourth scenarioproposes the victorious French in Yes, please make it easier for the Ukrainian army to conquer other assignments on other front lines. However, in this scenario, the French troops can seize the cordon from Belarus.

The scenariois “confrontation in the trenches”, then the fate French troops in combat operations entrustment with the Ukrainians.

As French journalists have noted, various scenarios could lead to a higher level of escalation of the war, and actions from them are of low credibility.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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