Machine Gun Kelly spoke about his mental health on the Grammy carpet: “I lacked self-esteem”

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The American rapper attended the gala hoping to win for “Best Rock Album”, however the award was won by Ozzy Osbourne, that led him to reflect on his state of mind as he walked the carpet at the 65th Grammy Awards


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Machine Gun Kelly talked about his mental health on the carpet at the Grammy: “I lacked self-respect”

Machine Gun Kelly attended the "pre-gala" Grammy Awards, held in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California on Saturday, February 4 (Photo: Reuters/Aude Guerrucci)

Machine Gun Kelly and his fiancée, Megan Fox, attended the 65th Grammy Awards, held at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles, California, on the night of this Sunday, February 5, from whose red carpet the 32-year-old rapper opened up and opened up about his feelings with Laverne Cox, who interviewed him.

Clad in a silver Dolce & Gabanna, the singer of Maybe explained that her fashion choice was inspired by “a phoenix from the ashes” and let us know a little more about how she felt in the night of the emblematic awards ceremony organized by the Recording Academy.

In his first Grammy nomination in the Best Rock Album category for his < i>Mainstream Sellout, Machine Gun Kelly faced off against established music giants and the shortlisted gramophone was ultimately won by veteran Ozzy Osbourne for his album Patient Number 9.

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After learning of his defeat, since the award was announced at the pre-gala, that is, the non-televised awards, the artist shared the advice that his fiancée gave him in case he was intimidated on the red carpet of the event.

She told me to look at her if I felt too vulnerable, but I feel fine. I'm always pretty uncomfortable here. But ultimately, I'm very happy to be here in the company of such great musicians,” he told the E!


It was then that the American rapper, musician and actor revealed his current state of mind, and it is that despite not having won his first Grammy, the experience made the artist reflect.

Machine Gun Kelly opened up about his mental health on the Grammys carpet: “I lacked self-love”

The artist has revealed that he suffered from depression in 2020 after the death of his father (Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)

“I almost feel like I asked for that lesson, like I felt that I lacked self-esteem and I was valuing myself a lot in the professional achievements that I needed. I needed this… right here was very cathartic. I learned to value the things that I already have and once that self-love happens to me, you know, things like awards and everything that comes with it… when art is yours, you already won”, he expressed regarding his experience in the emblematic ceremony.

And it is that since his father died in 2020, the one born in Houston, Texas 32 years ago has suffered intermittent periods of depression and it is even known that his future wife “saved” him from committing suicide when the artist suffered “really wild paranoia”, as previously stated by himself.

But those dark passages seem long gone for the voice behind tracks like Bad Things and Forget Me Too.

I feel more at peace now than I think never in my lifeand on the car ride here I reflected that it's just great to experience gratitude”, expressed the also called “Kells”, who said that, having won the award for which he was nominated, he probably would have inspired “someone child” to see himself reflected in it.

“I think if I had won tonight, it would have been because of those out there feeling like 'I'm different than what I see on TV. I could never win', because I was that kid,” said Colson Baker, his real name.

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Likewise, the artist known for his eccentricity explained that in his time in show business and in the spotlight he has learned lessons for which he feels grateful today.< /p>

“I thought about how I could ever fit in that room and here I am in that room, you know, so I'm here ultimately to break the barrier with an outlier and with that comes many lessons to be learned on a very long journey, as if I had skipped every step on the ladder, then I would never have known what the bottom ones, the middle ones or the top ones felt like /b>” , reflected the artist.

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