Macabre discovery in Ecuador: the decomposing head of a woman appeared on a street in La Troncal

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This year there have been several exhibitions of corpses in this canton located 380 kilometers south of Quito

Macabre discovery in Ecuador: the decomposing head of a woman appeared in a street in La Trunk

The head of a woman was found on one of the main roads of La Troncal. There was a message from a criminal gang. (Troncal Live/El Universo)

In La Troncal, a canton in the province of Cañar, 380 kilometers south of Quito, the inhabitants came across a macabre discovery. The head of a woman in a state of decomposition was found on one of the main streets of the city. Next to the head was a message signed by the band Los Águilas.

Germán León, Commander of the La Troncal District Police, indicated that they received an alert about the discovery through a call that was answered by ECU 911. According to the police authorities, Los Águilas, to whom the pamphlet found next to the head is attributed. , are related to criminal drug trafficking groups, as reported by El Universo.

According to the authorities, the pamphlet had a dedication, although they assured that the document was poorly legible. The message said: “For Rody (…) who calls himself RR55.” The Police assure that this is part of the struggle between gangs dedicated to micro-trafficking that fight for the territory for the sale of these substances.

Due to the state of decomposition of the head, the authorities They have assured that the death of the woman happened several days ago. In addition, they indicated that the murder would have happened in another city near Guayaquil, but that hypothesis is still under investigation.

Macabre discovery in Ecuador: the decomposing head of a woman appeared on a street in La Troncal

The residents of La Troncal are concerned due to recent homicides

With this finding, the number of deaths in the province of Cañar increased to 80, according to what the zone commander in charge, Fabián Pérez, told the local press

In March of this year, the body of a decapitated man was found hanging from a pedestrian bridge in La Troncal. The discovery happened a month after two bodies were found hanging from a bridge in Durán, 9 kilometers from Guayaquil.

The National Police, after the necessary expertise, made public the identity of the murdered. This is Cristian Eduardo M. G., alias Peterete, a 36-year-old man from La Troncal, who presented trials and a record for robbery and illicit drug trafficking. Even last February 21, Cristian Eduardo was arrested for carrying weapons and illegal substances, but he was released with precautionary measures.

The criminal past of the victim makes the Police presume that his death is related to a settling of scores within the same criminal organization or that it is part of a territorial dispute for monopolizing spaces for the sale of drugs. For his part, the prosecutor of the province of Cañar, Jorge Vélez, told the media that the cause of the murder would have been a “settling of scores and marking territory”.

Likewise, In April of this year, two young people, a man and a woman, were murdered, cremated and beheaded in a sector of La Troncal.

Macabre discovery in Ecuador: the decomposing head of a woman appeared on a street in La Troncal

This is the third hanging corpse and the second beheaded found in Ecuador (Photo: Iván Quituisaca)

According to the police authorities, a note was found next to the charred corpses that read: “Today it was your worker, the next dismembered will be you.” According to Jorge Vélez, prosecutor of Cañar, the province where the Troncal is located, the murders of the young people are related to the crime of the man being beheaded and hanged.

The macabre message would confirm the fight between criminal groups that dispute the sale of drugs in the area. Alias ​​Rody, one of the leaders of Los Lobos, would be involved in this conflict, according to Vélez.

On November 14, six criminal gangs claimed to have come together to reach an “agreement for the peace”. The Wolves, Los Tiguerones, Los Lagartos, the Mafia 18 Tiburones, Los Duendes and the Latin King “we unite in a single cause that is to restore peace and tranquility throughout the Ecuadorian territory and the centers of deprivation of liberty”, is heard in one of the five videos broadcast about this announcement.

Macabre discovery in Ecuador: the decomposing head of a woman appeared on a street in La Troncal

Six criminal gangs in Ecuador announced a peace agreement through videos broadcast from different prisons in the country

However, in the video they assure that Las Águilas and Los Gangsters, gangs allied to Los Choneros , they try to incriminate them about the attacks and acts of violence in recent weeks in Ecuador and they assured that they did not participate in those acts that they repudiate. Los Choneros and Los Águilas are not included in the agreement announced by the other six gangs.

This November 16 it was learned that at least 20 prisoners escaped from the Litoral Penitentiary, the most violent in the country. Among them would be alias Cebolla, from Los Choneros, a maximum security prisoner. The authorities have not yet issued the official balance on this leak.

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