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M6: this cult game from the 90s will make a comeback soon

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

M6 seems to want to ride on the nostalgia of viewers by relaunching old TV games on its schedule or perhaps the channel has not more ideas for new concepts… Still, after having resurrected The Right Price with Eric Antoine a few weeks ago, La Six has just announced that another cult game will be broadcast. in the 1990s was on track.

M6: this cult game from the 90s will make a comeback soon

M6 upgraded background on the cult TV games of the 90s

Until Now, M6 did not rely heavily on TV games. But recently, the channel relaunched its broadcast. The Fair Price with Eric Antoine at the helm and soon, she is preparing a new version of Maillon Faible with Vincent Dedienne who will replace Laurence Boccolini for the duration of 'an evening event.

But that's not all! M6 seems to like old programs at the moment. During his press conference to present the audiovisual projects for the group's channels, we learned thatanother cult game broadcast in the 1990s was going to make its comeback on the sixth private channel. Indeed, after having been diffused first on La Cinq then on Antenne 2, it’s a program that allowed Nagui to reveal himself to the public. This game is The Best Wins.

M6: this cult game from the 90s will make his return soon

The game, which is a British concept, landed in France on La Cinq in 1991 and was then broadcast in France. every day on Antenne 2 between 1992 and 1995. It is first the current host of N'Oubliez pas les mots who presents it, then it is Laurent Petitguillaume and Laurence Boccolini who take over. The game leaves with three Golden 7s for the best game show and its original host receives that of the best game host. May the Best Winreappeared in the PAF on France 2 between 2012 and 2015.

M6: this cult game from the 90s will make a comeback soon

Almost the same concept but new presenter

The principle of the game is composed of several rounds. As in the original game, 200 candidates will compete in open-ended questions. multiple choices to try to win 40,000 euros. But be careful, in the event of a wrong answer, you will be eliminated. This new version of the game will offer a difference: all the candidates will be divided according to their age into 4 families and each will be supported by a personality.

M6: this cult game from the 90s will make its return soon

For the return of May the Best, M6 decided to to entrust the program to Philippe Lellouchewho started his career as a journalist forEnvoyé Specialbefore devoting oneself to comedy. He alsopresented the French version of Top Gear on RMC Découverte. He will beaccompanied; by the actress and humorist Anne-Sophie Girard.

For the moment, M6 has not yet revealed the date of the return of the game May the Best Wins. But there is much to be said for it. bet that the public will find The Weakest Link before.

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