Luxuries and eccentricities: this is how the Colombian ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedetti, lives in Caracas

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The diplomat who represents the Petro government before the Maduro regime showed the corners of the house he shares with his wife in the neighboring country; He also took the opportunity to criticize the president's ministers

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Luxuries and eccentricities: like this ; the ambassador of Colombia in Venezuela, Armando Benedetti, lives in Caracas

This is the mansion in which Armando Benedetti lives in Venezuela: it even has a piano, glassware and other luxuries. Photos: Capture Caracol and Colprensa

Since Armando Benedetti took office as ambassador of Colombia in Venezuela his name has not stopped ringing in public opinion. His statements, announcements and some of his decisions have wet the press and, in the last few hours, he has given rise to talk after the luxurious mansion where he is staying was disclosed. in Caracas.

The Colombian diplomat opened the doors of his house to the program Los Informantes, of Caracol Televisión, and not only showed the facilities of his new home, but also sent several messages related to the progress of the restoration of < b>diplomatic relations between the two countries.

In that house, located in Venezuelan territory, Benedetti lives with his wife, from Cartagena Adelina Guerrero Covo, < /b>They both share a three-story house, which has large gardens with flowers of all kinds, as well as being guarded by high security walls.

Luxuries and eccentricities: this is how the Colombian ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedetti, lives in Caracas

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Colombian Ambassador to Venezuela Armando Benedetti shake hands as they meet at the Miraflores Palace, in Caracas, Venezuela August 29, 2022. REUTERS/Leonardo Fernandez Viloria.

The home of President Gustavo Petro's teammate is located in the Campo Alegre neighborhood, one of the most exclusive in the Venezuelan nation. In fact, it is one of the most attractive houses in that sector, not only because of the yellow with which the façade is painted, but also because of the eccentricities that can be seen from the outside.

Inside, in the style of a palace, Benedetti's house has an extensive red carpet that decorates the three floors, in addition to being furnished with classic furniture that has wood reliefs; In addition, there are large lamps hanging from the ceiling, a huge library, curtains of the finest fabricsand, even, a grand piano and a desk where the politician from Barranquilla issues orders and carries out his diplomatic work.

Luxuries and eccentricities: this is how the Colombian ambassador lives in Venezuela , Armando Benedetti, in Caracas

Benedetti publishes a photo kissing Petro. Photo: Twitter.

Despite all the luxuries with which the ex-congressman lives, while he was showing the property to the journalists who were interviewing him, he complained about the repairs he had to do to the house. It must be remembered that, for several years, Venezuela had not had diplomatic representation from Colombia, so the house where Benedetti was staying was abandoned and, according to what he said, had several issues to improve for habitability.

The kitchen had rats, the furniture looked pretty, but there was humidity; it was badly painted. It was time to fumigate, I've had a lot of pods”, the ambassador said about his house on Caracas soil.

In the images that the news program showed, it shows that the house has a endless singularities such as old paintings by some of the most renowned painters, as well as glass objects, chandeliers and other objects of great value from the Colombian-Venezuelan culture.

In the midst of the dialogue, Benedetti highlighted the work of President Petro in his more than 100 days in power. However, he did not miss an opportunity to criticize several of the ministers and even ensure that it seemed that there was no government in Colombia. Of course, he acknowledged that due to his lightness when speaking out, he preferred not to give more details because he could be fired.

It seems to me that Petro is doing unbeatable. Now, what I see badly is the Petro government. One might come to think that suddenly there is no government. If I keep talking about it, be careful and they'll kick me out”, acknowledged Benedetti in Los Informantes.

Furthermore, as he has done on other occasions , criticized the work that President Petro's teammates have carried out in these months, according to him, they spend their time uploading videos to social networks and, supposedly, they would not fulfill the work for which they were appointed by Petro, who came to power on last August 7 in replacement of Uribista Iván Duque. “I see new ministers and ministers making some videos that are laughing their heads off. What are they laughing at if the country is bad? They look like boy scouts or a recreation brigade! Be ministers!”, he added.