Luly Bossa is reminded of her intimate video after expressing her rejection of the sexual education project in schools

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The actress was opposed to the government's attempts to legislate on this issue in Congress and reaffirmed that this responsibility belongs to parents. The responses of netizens brought to mind an uncomfortable episode from his past

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Luly Bossa is reminded of her intimate video after expressing her rejection of the project of sexual education in schools

Luly Bossa has had her acting career since 1985. Her most recent role was in 2021's Lala's Spa.

Since her television appearance in 1985, Luly BossaShe became one of the most beloved actresses by Colombians and one of those who never hesitated to challenge the taboos of her time in relation to sexuality. During the nineties it became a recurring fantasy for the male gender and a leading figure in soap operas.

La Cartagena has remained active in recent times beyond performance, even opening an account on the OnlyFans content subscription page. However, this week generated controversy on social networks after expressing its rejection of the sexual education project proposed by the Government of Gustavo Petro, which seeks, through booklets that would be distributed to students and teachers, to disseminate pedagogical content related to this topic.

Said bill also proposes to update the coexistence manuals in educational centers, with the aim of taking into account gender, differential sexual orientation and gender identity and restorative approaches. All this has generated a revival of the debate around sexual education in the country and a public debate that will see its development in the Congress of the Republic, when its approval or rejection by the legislature is determined.

In this regard, Bossa was blunt on his Twitter account where, even acknowledging that his words were going to generate a strong reaction against it, he wrote:

“Don't mess with the children of Colombia. The education of the pelaos is for the parents so stop inventing with that project that they want to put in so that the children can experiment from an early age. I started a cairn”

Most responses to his trill were contrary. On the one hand, they calmly explained that the objective of this project was to reduce cases of sexual abuse in minors, by giving them tools to know how to handle these situations correctly, as well as in relation to knowledge of their body and their orientation. sexual.

However, other answers were harsher, and one in particular brought back memories of the past for Luly Bossa:

“Talking about sexuality to children is teaching them to respect their bodies and those of others so that when they grow up the same thing that happened to you when they published your video having sex with the boyfriend of the day doesn't happen to them”

Luly Bossa is reminded of her intimate video after expressing her rejection of the sexual education project in schools

Luly Bossa expressed her rejection of the project that seeks to reform sexual education in schools. A Twitter user responded by bringing up a dark memory from his past

The trill refers to the scandal faced by Luly Bossa in 2001, when an intimate video with his then partner, Alberto Beto, was leaked Pérez and for which they tried to extort her. After refusing to pay, a part of the video reached the hands of the journalist Graciela Torres La Negra Candela, who broadcast it on her program. The scandal radically affected her family and led the actress to sue the journalist for libel, which she won in 2007. Since this episode, the appearance of the Cartagena woman on Colombian television has become more sporadic.

His reaction to the proposal to rethink sexual education in schools caused many Twitter users to point out that situations as complex as his could be prevented if there were better guidance on the subject, and that the educational system must play as important a role there as that of the parents.