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Lukashenko said that Belarus is preparing for war

Photo: joint Belarusian-Russian military exercises

In Belarus, on Tuesday, April 2, military exercises began in regions bordering Ukraine, as well as Lithuania and Poland. According to the Voice of America, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported this.

According to the ministry, the three-day exercises taking place in the Gomel and Grodno regions are aimed at training the actions of territorial defense officers and military personnel to protect their regions and actions in the event of the introduction of martial law.

"GA" recalls that relations between Belarus and its western neighbors and Ukraine have deteriorated over the past few years, especially after Moscow used Belarusian territory as a springboard for full-scale aggression against Ukraine in February 2022.

During the trip in Grodno, Alexander Lukashenko made the following statement, which is quoted by his press service.

"Don’t believe anyone that we want to fight. We are preparing for war, I speak about this frankly. “Do you want peace— prepare for war” — I didn't come up with this. This is very correctly said.”, — Lukashenko said.

According to him, the country is conducting the necessary training of the relevant units; Various types of weapons and equipment are supplied to the troops.

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