Lukashenka celebrates the victory of a tennis player from Belarus in Australia with a glass

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Lukashenko celebrated the victory of a tennis player from Belarus in Australia with a glass

Illustrative photo from open sources/Arina Sobolenko

The Tennis Federation of Ukraine called for a ban on representatives of Russia and Belarus from participating in international tournaments.

The reason for the appeal, according to the FTU in facebook, there was a video with the agrofuehrer of Belarus, who, with a glass, celebrated the victory at the Australian Open of Arina Sobolenko, who performed in Melbourne in a neutral status.

Aggressor states use any achievements of their athletes to propagate and praise their own system and cannibalistic ideology. The example of Arina Sobolenko, who won the Australian Open, is evidence of the validity of this thesis. After the final, self-proclaimed President Lukashenko boasts of the victory of the Belarusian tennis player and raises a glass to her success. He is not worried that Sobalonko is playing under a neutral flag, as required by international tennis organizations. For him, as in principle for many others, she represents Belarus and glorifies it,” the FTU noted.

The Ukrainian federation emphasized that the Australian Open once again demonstrated that no one separates athletes without flags from their countries.

"Orgy with Russian flags and photographs against the background of portraits of a war criminal Putin is another argument to change erroneous decisions. These events clearly demonstrate that sport is not “out of politics”. On the contrary, it personifies one of the political directions. It is used by the regimes for their own propaganda purposes,” the FTU is convinced.

They stressed that the ban on the performance of athletes in the international arena is one of the most effective means of isolating Russia and Belarus.

“This tool needs to be deployed as soon as possible instead of giving the aggressors a platform for their self-promotion. We call for the isolation of Russian and Belarusian athletes within the borders of their states immediately! – summarized in FTU.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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