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September 12, 2021 by archyde

The daughter of Lukang Centennial Cake Shop was cursed by gold paper and would not sleep for 3 days. (This newspaper is synthesized)

2021/09/12 13:08

[Reporter Liu Xiaoxin / Changhua Report]Zheng Yilin, the live broadcaster of the “IU” who looks like the queen of South Korea and the daughter of Lukang Centennial Cake Shop, was cursed with gold paper because of the blockade of frequently harassing iron fans. Sleeping; but she said, singing is her dream since childhood, and will not stop chasing dreams because of this!

Zheng Yilin, who has nearly 100,000 followers, said that since relatives and friends told her that she was cursed with gold paper, although she is a Christian friend, she saw her name and the name of her own pastry shop written on the gold paper, and she was even painted ugly. The ugly portrait, the mood is still greatly affected, it is not worry about the charm, but as long as you think of “people with intentions” coming to her, even if there is no malice, but there is hatred, you will want to know who did it. By.

Zheng Yilin said that the police found the man cursed by the gold paper. She was really impressed with this “weird man” because as long as she sang in the streets of Lukang, this “weird man” would come. I heard that for more than a year, I left a message or private message on Facebook, because she continued to reveal her love in her words, which has already caused her harassment. Because she could not bear the harassment, she had to block her, but unexpectedly let the other party use gold paper to curse her, although ” “Weird Guy” did not act OK, but after discussing with his family, he decided not to complain, hoping that the other party could restrain himself.

Zheng Yilin emphasized that as the fifth generation of a hundred-year pastry shop, she also makes signature phoenix pancakes. She also helps to take care of the shop when she is free. However, she likes singing since she was a child. Her idol is “Mayday”, in order to fulfill her dream of being on stage. As long as there are auditions, she participates in them. She increases her singing experience as a street performer. She also participated in public welfare activities of the Changhua police, hoping to sing forever.

Wu Yiwei, director of the Lukang Police Sub-bureau and Xing Police Station, pointed out that after the live broadcaster Zheng Yilin posted a Facebook post, the police took the initiative to investigate. Cai Nan who committed the crime confessed to the crime. As for why he was cursed on the gold paper, Cai Nan argued that it was because he wanted to ask questions. Why was the god blocked by the live broadcast beauty? Although Zheng Nu did not file a complaint, the intimidation was a crime of public prosecution.

Folklore expert Pu Qingfeng said that the purpose of cursing the gold paper is to intimidate the opponent through the descending technique, because the starting point is inappropriate, and the descending technique is also a evil method, which often hurts himself rather than the other party.

Zheng Yilin is the daughter of a 100-year-old cake shop in Lukang, but her biggest dream is to sing. (Picture provided by Zheng Yilin)

Because of the blockade of the harassment of the weird man, she was cursed by the golden paper, so that Zheng Yilin could not sleep at night. (Picture provided by Zheng Yilin)

Zheng Yilin loves to sing, so she will embark on the road of street performers and live broadcasters. Her dream is to sing on the stage. (Picture provided by Zheng Yilin)

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