Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno and the possibility of having a daughter

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The couple responded to a question put to them by a user on social networks, after the birth of Domenic, their second son

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Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno and the possibility of having a daughter

Pipe Bueno, Máximo and Luisa Fernanda W surround Domenic, the new member of the family

Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno are on everyone's lips on social networks after the birth of Domenic, the couple's second child, last October. The event was shared on the personal accounts of the parents, earning the support and congratulations of their followers, who have been restless and excited to meet the new member of the family.

The businesswoman and content generator has published several stories and photos over the last few weeks where she is seen feeding Domenic. In one of them he is seen using the “kangaroo mom” method, placing the newborn on his chest, leading Internet users to wonder about the new baby's health status, and his parents decided to clarify the reason for this situation.

According to the couple, although Domenic is in optimal condition, he was born under the recommended weight, so they need to carry him that way so that he stays close to the chest of his mother and father 24 hours a day.

Another of the questions that the followers of Luisa Fernanda W asked the most is if it is among their plans to look for a little sister for Máximo and Domenic. During a live broadcast this Friday Pipe Bueno read the question “Aren't they going to try the girl later?” made by one of the users.

At that moment, the singer turned his cell phone to focus on his partner, so that he had the opportunity to respond. Being such a sudden question, Luisa Fernanda was hesitant, but then she reconsidered her answer and in the end she gave an estimated time to make the attempt, especially considering that the birth of Domenic:

“I don't know, that story is going to continue… I don't know, but not so fast. In five years ”

In response to the influencer, Pipe Bueno gave her own point of view, suggesting that the attempt would be made constantly.

During the same broadcast, some users recalled that the singer almost fainted when he had to witness the birth of his first child, Máximo, which is why they asked him if the same thing happened with Domenic. In this regard, Pipe Bueno replied:

“I did not turn pale because everything went well, also as it is the second time, there is already experience… and for those who do not know, it is that at Máximo's birth I was fainting because I was worried about Lu, I thought he was not well . This time I was solid”

Luisa Fernanda W's postpartum

Two days after giving birth, the influencer uploaded to her Instagram a recording of her body without filters in front of a mirror, in order to show the process that a woman normally faces after giving birth. He also told his followers what Máximo's reaction was when he saw his little brother for the first time, something that the couple was looking forward to and that, according to the mother, was quite emotional:

“Very well, calm down, we have done everything so that the child feels that he is part of this process, that he is his brother, that this has not taken away any position or any attention from him, so he is calm, gives him little kisses and says 'hello baby', oh no, a beautiful thing”

Luisa Fernanda mentioned that later on she could surprise Internet users by uploading images to her social networks, showing what who has represented this stage of her life as a mother and as part of her own family where, as they showed in a family photo taken by the four members, love and affection prevail over everything.