Luis Díaz reveals what he felt when he met his soccer idol, Lionel Messi: “I almost died”

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The Colombian revealed one of the first meetings with his favorite player and the discomfort of being left out of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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Luis Díaz reveals what he felt when he met his soccer idol, Lionel Messi: “I almost died”

Luis Díaz has great admiration for Lionel Messi and wants to see him lift the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup title in December.

Luis Díaz, Liverpool FC playerfrom England and recovering from a strained knee ligament, spoke to Soho Magazine about the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the league he would like to play in one day, despite being in one of the best teams in the world and his great admiration for Lionel Messi. The attacker visited Barranquilla for a few days to manage his injury and share time with his family.

One ​​of the most important points of the conversation with the journalist Mónica Jaramillo referred to his admiration for the argentinian Messi. Chosen as one of the 10 best soccer players in the world by the Golden Globe Soccer Awards said that the day he had the opportunity to speak with the idol of him, he almost said “I love you”. It is not very clear if the match was in one of the qualifying matches or in the recent Copa América:

“I almost died, I almost said “I love you” and everything, hee, hee. Truly, he has always been my reference. My great idol was Ronaldinho, but since he already retired, I was never able to face him. The day he meets him, I am really going to die. And well, Lio is the best in the world”.

As for whether he has the shirt of the star of the Argentine national team in his collection, he confessed that he got it for medium of a good friend, but to this are added those of Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, thus having the garments worn by three of the most relevant soccer players of recent times

“I asked for it through another player, he signed it for me and everything, he said “with affection for Luis”. My life is already fixed with that shirt. I also have those of Cristiano and Neymar. With those three, what more can I ask for? And mine. I have several shirts lying around to frame.”

The day Lionel Messi praised the talent of Luis Díaz

Luis Díaz was one of the players remembered by the figure of the PSG of France during the Netflix documentary that narrates the most recent conquest of the Copa América 2021. In the chapter that addresses the semifinal, Messi recalls the goal scored by the peasant, who it forced a penalty shootout.

“It cost us a little more because Colombia pressed up front, they wouldn't let us go out and it was difficult for us to have the ball. They had an extraordinary player, very fast (Luis Díaz) on the outside, who generated a lot of danger for us”.

Díaz, who accepted It still hurts him not to have qualified for his first world cup with the Colombia team, he accepted that he will watch all the matches of the tournament that takes place in Qatar. He also wanted the trophy to be brought to South America and once again supported his idol, “I hope Messi wins it”.

I fight knows that after the failure towards Qatar 2022 it will become an obligation to go to the 2026 tournament that will be played in Mexico, the United States and Canada.