Loyola wins 3X3 University basketball organized by the National Police

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  • Loyola wins 3X3 University basketball organized by the National Police

    The director general of the Police, Major General  Eduardo Alberto Then presents the San Judas Tadeo Cup to the players of the Loyola Specialized Institute of Higher Studies.

The Loyola Specialized Institute of Higher Studies beat the competition. 15-11 to the Catholic University of Santo Domingo in the Grand Final of the 3×3 University Basketball Tournament, held at the Police Palace and received the San Judas Tadeo Cup from the General Director of the institution Eduardo Alberto Then. 

In the tournament, whose maximum age was 23 years, the universities UASD, UNIBE, UNPHU, INTEC, PUCMM, Católica de Santo Domingo, ITLA, UTESA, UNAPEC as well as other universities also participated. such as the Schools for Cadets of the Army, Navy, Air Force and National Police. 

After receiving the Cup and medals for the victory, Marvin Heredia, Loyola Sports Director,&nbsp ; He said that they dedicated the victory to the students, professors and all the staff of the prestigious technical training center, especially to its rector, José José. Victoriano Rodríguez. 

On behalf of all the universities and academies for cadets of the Armed Forces and the National Police participating in the event, he thanked Major General Alberto Then and Colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete, sports commander of the institution. . 

“As Sports Minister Francisco Camacho said when we inaugurated, this is something never seen before, the future officers and professionals of our country playing basketball in the Police”, said the Loyola educator when he reiterated his congratulations to the institution and urged them to continue. This led to the tournament continuing to be held every October as part of the festivities of its patron saint, San Judas Tadeo. It was made up of students Luis Angel Castillo, Luis Alberto Arias, Julio Alberto Espinosa and Leison Bautista.

The silver medal went to the Santo Domingo Catholic, whose team is in the second round. made up of students Wilyn Félix, Manuel Nuñez, Elián Henríquez and Hansel Sepúlveda.

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